Rachel’s Over
Despair & Emotional Stress

Notes From Terri Bowman, Director, Brain Wellness Spa: When Rachel came for her session she was experiencing despair and emotional stress. It was difficult for Rachel to hold back the tears when she was in conversation with me. When she explained the nature of her sadness, it was heartbreaking for me to witness, a beautiful woman like Rachel, in such emotional distress.

Her testimonial was sent to me 5 weeks after her session. When you read what Rachel has to say, you can understand why I find my work such a joy to do.

Imagine meeting your best friend,

someone who knows you, your dreams,

your fears, your hopes, your secrets,

someone who loves you unconditionally.

Imagine that someone is you!

My greatest joy has been to finally meet my inner self.

Thank you Terri for making this possible!*