Jacqui Beats
Mind Chatter & Depression

Working with Terri really made a difference. I travelled from Whyalla (4 hours north of Adelaide) to Melbourne to see Terri. Before working with Terri I was quickly spiralling towards Depression and felt that my whole life and marriage were falling apart around me and didn’t know if there was anything I could do to control it. Feeling desperate and full of despair I jumped on a plane … The results speak for themselves.

I immediately felt calm, less stressed and I had that sparkle back in my eye. The feelings of loneliness, sadness and despair had dissipated and I felt clear headed and ready to take on life again. When going through security at Melbourne airport on my journey home I was commented on what a great attitude I had, wow, and my husband noticed the change immediately.

Since having the work done my mind is much clearer and not so bogged down with emotion and continual thoughts of all the yuk stuff running through my mind, I can now read a book again and actually take in what I am reading.

What ever it takes, I would definitely recommend seeing Terri.*