Aimee Beats
Limb Paralysis & Stress

Notes From Terri Bowman, Director, Brain Wellness Spa: This is a case history of Aimee, a 21 year old Chiropractic student who was admitted with limb paralysis into the stroke ward at a major Perth hospital for 3 days, then discharged and then readmitted for another 3 days. Aimee’s doctor is a leading Neurologists who is very successful in his chosen field.

In September 2007, my right hand stopped working. By that I mean one day it went numb, and all my fingers curled up and didn’t move. I still had full feeling in my hand and if someone else could move my fingers passively, they would move, however I couldn’t straighten my fingers, they simply just didn’t want to work. This had happened several times over the past years, but never had my fingers curled up and refused to move. In the past my hand normally went numb and then within a few hours it would return back to normal.

Whilst in Hospital I had every medical test done under the sun, from blood tests to M.R.I.’s. They all resulted in everything being found normal. Because there was no abnormal findings the advise given by the doctors at the hospital was “I needed to pretend I didn’t have a hand anymore, pretend it had been cut off and adapt my life accordingly, change careers and get on with my life”. Pretty devastating for a 21 year old Chiropractic student!

Then I went to see Terri J After only 2 sessions I was seeing a massive improvement in my ability in being able to use my hand again, and before long it was soon back to full strength. We also worked on my ‘stressed self” and once this was released I could feel myself improving in leaps and bounds. Not only in my hands (which I have not had a problem with since I began seeing Terri), but just in general everyday dealings with people and situations. I no longer flip into this person who has uncontrollable erratic behaviour, a person who simply isn’t the true me.

We also worked some wonders on my feet using the Biological Codes. For as long as I can remember I have been unable to squat without the outside of my feet coming off the floor. I had often been used as an example at uni because I couldn’t squat correctly, Terri did her work, and straight after I could then squat correctly with my feet staying on the floor. J

So I’ve come from being told to forget I have a hand, pretend its been cut off and change my careers (and not being able to squat) to being a confident young lady who really does feel like she can achieve anything, with hands that work fine and not having to change my career choice…

Aimee is also blessed with having a mother who refused to accept the doctor’s advice about her child’s future.

After having work done with Terri I instantly felt lighter, happier and my posture has improved markedly. I can honestly say that my experience with Terri has been easy, fun and spiritually amazing. I feel stronger and more capable of dealing with life’s niggles.

I believe the work that Terri is doing is life changing and can change the world for the better, giving others back their connection to the Source, as I have been given.*

Thank you Terri,