Karen Overcomes
Chronic Fatigue

After living with Chronic Fatigue (CF) for over 8 months, in which time I’d tried many things to heal myself, I was given the advice to “find my peace with it”. Well, I was furious. How could I find my peace with something that was robbing me of my lifestyle and preventing me from being the mother and wife I wanted to be. Giving in wasn’t an option for me. My stubbornness was the only thing getting me through each day, without which, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. I’d wake up each morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed and was often distraught with thoughts of how I would get through the day.

When first “diagnosed” with CF, after blood tests showed that I’d had glandular fever and this was what caused my condition, I was struggling to even get out of bed and would need to lie down even after having a shower. I was incapable of looking after myself never mind my family and home. My mum moved in to help me and I decided to do a juice fast. I fasted for 21 days, got at least an hour of sunshine a day and even tried cold showers. It helped, I was able to manage things again by myself and mum was able to get back to her life. I was still exhausted though most of the time, often to the point of tears with everything overwhelming me very easily. I had no emotional resilience and so was cranky and crabby most of the time. Certainly not what my family deserved of me. By lunchtime I would need to lie down for an hour or so just to get through the afternoon. Any additional stress in a day (even minor irritations) could just wipe me out for the day. Even driving was stressful and I did not feel confident about driving very far anymore.

To say I was frustrated by this condition is an understatement, I was chronically fatigued all of the time, there is no better description. I had two young boys to take care of, which instead of being a joy was a constant struggle. Although CF wasn’t life threatening it was certainly lifestyle threatening and at some of my low points it was hard to tell the difference.

About a week after been given the advice to find my peace with CF, I received a call from Terri and she told me that she could “cure my chronic fatigue”. This was the most positive thing I heard from any of the many practitioners I’d seen and although I had my reservations, Terri gave me something that nobody else had been able to do, she gave me hope. I was excited about seeing Terri especially since she had explained to me that the problem was in my head! I’d been doing different things to treat my condition organically and although I’d had some improvements, nothing was pulling me out of the ‘fog’ I felt I was in.

I am ecstatic to say that Terri was right. In one session I was cured of CF. The body I dragged into Terri’s office was transformed within an hour. I couldn’t believe how immediate the healing was. I felt light and clear in my head and I also felt that I could run all of my way home. It was almost as if I’d dreamt up the previous 8 months of my life…it just didn’t seem to fit me anymore.

In the first two weeks since seeing Terri, I still needed my afternoon naps, but for a very different reason, it wasn’t my body tired as much as it was my head. So I’ve taken things slowly, increasing my activity as I felt I could. Now a month later, I feel better every day it seems. I am back to my old self. I have my vitality back and now the energy to live my life to its full. My whole family is so much happier. Thank you, thank you, thank you Terri.

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