Janette Beats
Stress & Fatigue

I had the Brain Wellness Spa Wellbeing therapy around a month ago, since then I have experienced more energy, mental clarity and emotional stability than ever before.

I cant believe the change, it wasn’t instant but gradual, it took around 7 days for me to notice the significant change.

I work away on mine site and I tend to burn the candle at both ends, as anyone that works away can understand exactly what I am saying. I have also been working at my normal job plus covering another on site, that, to say the least is very stressful as anyone that has been in that position can appreciate. That contributed to my massive fatigue, the first two days of my R&R were spent on the couch trying to recover my energy, having nanny naps while watching TV when I could. Great way to spend the first two day’s of your R&R, trying to feel human again! NOT!

With this Brain Wellness Spa Wellbeing therapy I have noticed that my energy levels have been heaps higher than ever before, to the point where no nanny naps are required on my R&R! I sleep in to around 0530 and get up feeling great, regardless of the time I have spent on site. Prior to the therapy, I would get up at the same time and still feel trashed. The mental clarity has been the biggest thing for me, I no longer have the chattering monkey (so they say) that disturbs my sleep. I would go to bed at night feeling exhausted, going to sleep was not the problem for me, just staying asleep was, any problems that I had during the day / week / month / year that I was worried about, would come into my sleep and cause me sleepless nights.

Now my mind is so calm that no longer am I worried about anything, awake or asleep! I no longer stress or get angry in situations that would normally make me wild! Prior to the therapy, I would get that wound up to the point that my heart would race with the anger and stress of the day. That’s a thing of the past now I am happy to say.

People say to me “You are always happy and you always have a smile on your face” what can I say? Nothing is no longer a drama.

Anyone considering this therapy should give it a go! You have nothing to lose only your baggage! I am so glad that my scepticism didnt stop me from giving it a go. Your real self is out there waiting for you!*