Nicole Beats
Mind Chatter & Negativity

Notes From Terri, Director, Brain Wellness Spa: I would like to share her experience from her distant healing. Nicole lives in Sydney NSW, Australia. I live in Perth Western Australia.

I would never have thought it was possible to be able to be emotionally healed from thousands of kilometres away but Brain Wellness Spa™ by Terri Bowman has done just that.

I met Terri in Singapore Airport 3 years ago and while we were chatting she offered me a mini session to help me overcome an emotional challenge that I was experiencing at the time. Her work back then was so amazing that I contacted her to discuss a few more areas that I required her help with.

She was excited to be able to offer me distant healing. If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew Terri, I would have thought this was impossible and a load of false promises… “DISTANT HEALING”…. “HOW COULD ANYONE OFFER DISTANT HEALING”.

Terri started her facilitation over the phone of Brain Wellness Spa™ , even as she was facilitating I didn’t know what to expect but after 15 minutes I could feel my mind becoming stiller and felt more calm and relaxed.

My mind was the most significant change that I had noticed. Instead of the constant chatter, it was free from mind chatter and negative self talk. I’m not stressed anymore, in fact I feel my highly strung self had just melted away. I am now able to be in the moment so to speak, or present to people’s conversations. My ability to cope with life has grown and I feel more self assured, confident and have more clarity about my life than ever before.

Would I recommend a Brain Wellness Spa™ session – the new me is a far cry from the old me. Terri mentioned that she could turn me back to the time just before our session started so I could feel what it was like to be the old me… the thought alone was enough to make me feel uneasy… the new me is so much more Joyful, Happy and Loving.

I was introduced to Terri in September 2009, by my wonderful friend Kylie. I was visiting from inter-state and Kylie recognised that I was having a hard time with life, and thought Terri could help.

To say I was sceptical would be an understatement! I was a work-a-holic (running my own business, with 5 staff in a stressful sales industry), overweight, unfit, high blood pressure, anxiety, and generally just not happy – what on earth could this ‘touchy feely’ stuff really do for me?

My first session with Terri was mind blowing. I still have difficulty putting it into words. I felt calmer and much more relaxed. My mind stopped running a million miles an hour and I could be happy living in the moment. The pain that had encompassed my entire body over the years was relieved. I had forgotten what it felt like to be without pain. I stopped feeling guilty at not being at work, and not being where others wanted me to be – and started to enjoy my break away.

Moreover, I started sleeping solidly thru the night!

My weekends used to be spent on the couch watching TV and sleeping – recovering from the hectic week. Not anymore….. I have energy now! I want to live life….

My Mum asked me the other day to explain ‘Brain Wellness Spa’ to her – I just asked her “do you want the Michelle from 6 months ago or the Michelle of today?” she responded….”oh no, we’ve gotten rid of her, this one’s much better”…. I have changed that much. My parents have noticed the biggest changes in me. My attitude has changed, the way I respond to events in my life has changed, I am not so angry with the world…. Terri has changed my life and the words ‘thank-you’ just don’t seem enough…. .and I am sure this is just the beginning.*