Kylie’s No Longer
Depressed or Suicidal

I am so thankful that my journey has found you. I believe you truly are an angel sent from heaven and your work changes lives, it certainly has for me. My journey is not over, but now I know my life will be happy thanks to you and I will finally be at peace with myself.

I have never really felt happy and at peace. I have had happy times in my life, but never experienced being truly happy. I just went through the motions of life. I thought if I had a successful career, got married, had children (the 2 kids and house with a picket fence idealism….) I would feel complete, but I didn’t and my life turned upside down when we had kids. Being a mother changes everything and I really struggled to deal with all the changes. My son was a difficult baby and it certainly wasn’t the start to motherhood I had been expecting. Being a mother also dragged up many unhappy childhood memories and emotions for me that I didn’t want to deal with. Eventually I pretty much lost control. I was having emotional meltdowns on a daily basis and just exhausted from life (physically and emotionally). I didn’t have anything left to give and at my lowest point, didn’t want to live. I was hurting my family so much and knew I had to find an answer to why I was such a mess. I had all the symptoms of depression, but I knew I wasn’t depressed.

Thankfully I found Terri and she has changed my life through her work. Actually, she has probably saved my life. Terri, you are such a beautiful person and have found a unique way of healing which works and I believe will change many lives. Good luck with your work, you are amazing and thank you from the bottom of my heart.*