Graham Beats
Cultural & Emotional Stress

Notes From Terri, Director, Brain Wellness Spa: To give you a little background on Graham, he is Afrikaans and new to Australia. His culture is very conservative and cautious.

Only 5 months ago I met Terri and asked her for an appointment. Prior to this I’ve been somebody that wanted the proof, data, science and spreadsheets with the bottom line supporting my beliefs.

I have now spent a couple of days thinking what to say about my experience at Brain Wellness Spa™. The reason is, what Terri has done for me is so profound that I do not have the language to articulate the transformation that has taken place in my life.

The work Terri is doing is absolutely cutting edge, mind shifting and an absolute must for anyone who wants to understand and unlock their true self and full potential and start living the life and experience through who you truly are.

I personally experienced, apart from the “mind” an absolute physical bodily experience as well with each session I have been with Terri.

So for the people out there looking for a tangible experience you will feel this as well. I thought I knew all about the cultural and emotional baggage I was carrying and had it all under control, only to find out what is really going in my subconscious mind after being with [her].

Terri is awesome and the work she is doing cannot be described but only felt.

Thank you so much for coming into my life.*