Fiona Beats
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I first saw Terri about a year ago when she was talking to an auditorium full of people about the amazing work she was doing – she was so enthusiastic, and was so knowledgeable about how the subconscious mind controls our lives, I understood immediately and I was sure she could help me. It still took me a few months to actually take any action on it, but better late than never, I suppose! I am a lawyer, with a science degree, so when I came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS or ME) 7 years ago I wallowed for a while, then set about finding my cure.

It took about 6 ¼ years. Meanwhile I notched up another science degree (couldn’t let all that time go to waste without achieving something!). Fairly early on in my search I realised that although I was lucky enough to have a family Doctor who knew about CFS, nobody really understood it, so the best I could hope was to learn to manage the symptoms and perhaps recover, but the odds weren’t great. Possibly because of my scientific training, I am aware that science doesn’t always have the answers, and in fact at times the answers can change radically depending on the prevalent theory of the time, so I ignored hard science and went straight for the unscientific as a starting point.

I started with the biological – highly effective vitamins helped a lot. It is only within the last year or 2 that some mainstream science has acknowledged that extra vitamins are needed on top of a healthy diet. Then I realised that the search I should undertake was not really about the outside, but the inside instead – most importantly the mind. Eventually I realised that the stress I was under as a lawyer had been a massive contributing factor to my illness. How could stress be so crucial? People are stressed every day – they deal with it, live with it.

Even depression – I had that too – so what? Well as it turns on the mind controls all – not only the way we think and act, but even our biology. It is well recognised that stress inhibits the immune system for a start, but it does so much more than that on so many different levels that really science is still struggling to scratch the surface. Since seeing “What the Bleep” explain Quantum physics, Dr Bruce Lipton, and Terri, I am finally coming to grips with just how powerful the subconscious mind really is.

Thankfully I was in that auditorium, saw Terri and my days of CFS are now well and truly behind me! But unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Life has a habit of taking over. Lack of illness isn’t quite enough – I wanted happiness, fulfilment, achievement, purpose!

Yesterday when I went to see Terri I was miserable. She was excited about the Brain Wellness Spatreatment she has developed to help people who were suffering from the Blues. I was interested, but not massively excited; I had the flu, was feeling peevish, angry at the world and frustrated because I felt like I wasn’t achieving anything – at least not at the speed I wanted. Compared to 7 years ago, I am the proverbial hare flashing past my old tortoise self, but still, I am not sick any more – yet something was holding me back! Just when I felt like I was moving forward, something would get in the way – be it flu, migraine, work problems, family issues, anything – they would slow me down at a crucial time. I knew deep down it was my subconscious affecting things again, but…

We did the session – rather easy on my part, just sit back, say a few words and let Terri work her magic – which really it is – at least I think so. I went from miserable, crying (poor Terri had to sit through a rather long-winded whine about all the problems in my life, what I wasn’t achieving, etc) to happy – everything seemed brighter, clearer, I was actually able to smile – immediate change from my sad, angry, frustrated self! It was such a RELIEF. My flu symptoms were a lot milder, even straight after the session – much less sniffles and coughing, and today even better! Emotionally even now, although I am not happy all the time, I feel above all the troubles that dragged me down before.

Just a day has passed – I am still the same person, still with the same amount of money in the bank, the same house, car, job, parents, friends, lack of achievement in so many areas – yet it is OK – I am content with my life! I am still intent on achieving things, I still cry when something sad happens on TV. I still have the full range of feelings I have always had – there is no limitation like being on antidepressants. It is like I am in a boat floating above my sea of troubles – not sinking in them. I still have things that I want to achieve and haven’t – but it doesn’t matter – I know I will get to them when the time is right.

It is weird people have been saying to me for a while “everything is perfect” and “it will happen when you are ready” – and up until yesterday, even with all of the work I have done on myself, those statements only made sense if I heard them at the point in time that I had just achieved something – otherwise it was completely incomprehensible – but now I understand it! I haven’t achieved anything – but I feel that way – it is such a relief to know that everything IS perfect, and happens for its own reason in its own time.

You may be reading this and it may be what makes you TAKE ACTION and contact Terri for her Brain Wellness Spa™ Session.

It may be 6 months or a year from now that you make that decision, but whenever it is – all I can say is – make sure it’s sometime rather than never. You owe it to yourself and your future – this is the only way I know of (and I did search for a long time) that you can literally access your subconscious mind and eliminate all the ineffective behaviours, emotions, programs or “bad luck” that may have plagued you your whole life. You CAN transform your life into one of contentment, happiness and purpose – if that’s what you want – it is here for you!*