Video Testimonials

At 30 Years Old Rebecca was Ready to End her Life

Scott's Health Related Anxiety Attacks

Jasmine's Relationships, Business and Mental Health are all Blooming

Eileen Stopped Self-harming

Mel Finally Feels Free of Childhood Trauma

Clay's Story Struggling from OCD & Anxiety

Adam was Sick of Snapping from Stress

Lathem Kissed his Social Anxiety Goodbye

Karl's Life Changing QNR Treatment Results

For the First Time in Years Alicia Feels Fantastic

Ruth's Experience with Postnatal Depression

Olivia's Anxiety Story

Unstoppable Rini: From Anxiety to Prospering

Brendan was About to Give Up on his Cancer Fight

Alista's Better Than Ever

At 14 Teah is Feeling Confident and Less Stressed about School

David Becomes Advocate for Men's Mental Health

Tamika Reduced her Stress and Fell Pregnant

Ryan Shares the Reason why he Became A QNR Facilitator

Anger & Road Rage No More for this Truck Driver

QNR Helps Nicola Manage her Bipolar

Tim's Emotional Health Plummeted when his Daughter Fell Ill

After Becoming Severely Ill Anne was in Crisis

Panic Attacks were Taking Over Tshering's Life

Kristen's Found her Alternate Treatment for Anxiety

Holly is Genuinely Happy After EEP

26-year-old Overcame Almost Two Decades of Mental Illness

Amelia Goes From Anxious to 'Amazing'

Lydia's Feels QNR is Wiping her Anxiety Away

Calli Beats her Two-Decade-Long Heroin Addiction

Nikola was Struggling with Anxiety & Anger

Sena Turned her Anger Issues Around

Samantha Can't Believe How Good She Feels

Tracey Swears by QNR to Help Manage Stress

Tony's Anger Ruined his Marriage

Procrastination was Harming Catherine's Small Business

Mother and Daughter Find Relief from Depression

Katrina Landed Dream Job After Completing Emotional Empowerment Program

Julia's Panic Attacks were Debilitating

A Decade Later, Mel Swears by QNR & Peaceful Pregnancy Program

Insomnia Dragged Patrick Down in the Dumps

Blake was Sick of Feeling Frustrated

Suicidal Thoughts Hit Dale like a Ton of Bricks

Ray Farewells his Cocoon of Depression

Kelly went from Introvert to Extrovert

Coralie was Filled with Worry

Tanja's Business Improves After Prosperity and Abundance Program

Jeannette Heads into Early Retirement After Abundance Program

Rayne Loves Our New Prosperity Program

Nathan Paid Off A Decade Long Debt After Completing Our Abundance Program

Graeme's Kids Love Being Around him Again

Radio Announcer Heidi Anderson Becomes Unstoppable

Steven Overcame 5 Years of PTSD, Depression, Grief & Anger

Depression Dulled Andrew's Personality

Ngaria Saved her Marriage

Jaimee was Self Harming and Suicidal

Zac was Too Afraid to Leave the House

5 Months of QNR Phone Sessions Saved Michelle

Kyah Can Be A Teenager Again

Daniel can Daddy-Daughter Date Again

Rayne's Mind Clearer after Unstoppable You Program

Luke's New-found Confidence

Every Morning Feels Like Christmas for Krystie

Bachelorette Tiffany Scanlon's Anxiety Struggle

Ben Pushed Everyone Away with his Anger Issues

I had dark thoughts, depression, anxiety and couldn't go to school

Simone Finally Feels Like Her Old Self Again

Bronson Saved his Family by Facing his Anger Issues

After 16 years of Depression & Anxiety, David is back!

Unstoppable You has increased my business performance

I finished my sessions and I feel a different person

I was self harming, suicidal, had BPD, complex depression and now that is a thing of the past

I was anxious, worried and insecure.. not anymore!

A mothers journey with her mentally unwell daughter who had depression and anxiety

Heidi Anderson experience at the Brain Wellness Spa

James has Gone from Angry to Content

Adam Ended his Misery Cycle

I've been suffering from PTSD, Depression and Anxiety most of my life and now its gone

My mind was controlling my life and I wasn't coping

Heidi Anderson has now broken free from anxiety

Peta Higgins was crippled by fear and anxiety until she found Brain Wellness

I was suffering from PTSD from the death of my son

Catherine Taking Life To The Next Level

I'm I free from Depression, Anxiety and ADD after 25 years

I was suffering from social anxiety and low moods before I found Brain Wellness

I had depression since I was 6 years old

Winter depression is no longer a problem for Michelle

After having depression all of my life, I'm finally found a service that works.

My Postnatal Depression is healed and I feel like a different woman

My thoughts of ending my life are a thing of the past

My life turned up-side-down with a marriage breakdown, job loss and financial loss from GFC

Tara Sarich was suffering from emotional overwhelm and fear

I now have self esteem and confidence

After 16 years of trauma from an armed hold-up I'm finally free from Post Traumatic Stress

Brain Wellness enabled me to overcome my symptoms of ADD

Brain Wellness helped me overcome depression without medication

Bev overcomes her anxiety and stress after one session of Brain Wellness Spa

My heart was feeling empty and broken after a relationship breakdown

My overwhelming depression and grief was healed after my Brain Wellness Session

Melanie Taylor shares how teenagers can overcome their emotional distress

I was stressed and worried until I found Brain Wellness Spa

Brain Wellness helped our family overcome the sudden loss of our daughter

I was suffering from teenage depression and now I'm happy and loving my life

I was depressed and at the point of ending my life and now I'm happy and love my life

Peggy Crane shares her experience about Brain Wellness Pregnancy Program

My life is completely different thanks to Brain Wellness

I'm now performing better at work

My first session was profound and mind boggling.

The Success Equation 5

I'm more productive and focused

Peter shares his experience from Brain Wellness Spa

The Success Equation 2

Chloe Francis talks about her Brain Wellness Session

Kylie Butler's experience from her Brain Wellness Adult Superior Program

I lost the enjoyment in my life and now I'm loving life and happy

The Weight Loss Magic

Donna Francis shares her experience about Brain Wellness Spa

My stress induced chronic fatigue is a distant memory

I'm cured of Hyperacusis, the condition that stopped me from enjoying my life for 7 years

Michelle's Journey with QNR treatment from the Brain Wellness Spa

Unstoppable You.... is AMAZING!

Christine was suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety

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