Does your child have difficulty concentrating in class? What about you? Have you decided to study and you just cannot focus on what you need to do? Do life’s distractions keep getting in the way?

Our Student Performance Program is perfect for students struggling to concentrate and stay focused in class and when studying. It helps students at all levels—primary school, high school, university, online learning and TAFE.

The thinking brain

The thinking brain accounts for 70% of stress patterns and is the part of the brain that suffers when the stress load becomes too overwhelming. When stress occurs, students can lose up to 70% of their IQ. It is also the part of the brain that blocks retaining all new information to the subconscious and unconscious brain when under duress.

Focusing at school is important for mental stimulation and emotional development. It helps to develop a higher level of intelligence when an individual applies themselves.

The thinking part of the brain controls conditioned thinking, thoughts, attitudes and behaviour, and students need control of these to excel. The brain also prefers routine and dislikes change. So it is not open to learning or adopting new ways of thinking. This means students can struggle to learn which can leave them feeling inadequate.

Our amazing student performance booster addresses all four areas of the conditioned brain so students can study with more clarity and less stress. It is perfect when a student has trouble learning and studying to complete homework and assignments.

The program is only four sessions. On completing the program students feel less stressed, more focused and confident about achieving academically.

Once you complete the program add the student accelerator bundle to you or your child’s tool set to play while sleeping to maintain academic performance.

Session 1

Session one addresses all conditioned thinking. This helps preconceptions and preconditioned thinking such as school is too hard, feeling not good enough and a hate for learning to disappear.

Session 2

Session two is all about conditioned thoughts. The conditioned brain can automatically default into a negative bias once it is stressed. Working on conditioned thoughts helps to re-balance students’ minds they are more open to new ways of learning.

Session 3

Session three works on conditioned attitudes. If you or your child have an attitudes about learning, these determine the outcomes of learning performances. So working with a student’s attitude is essential to help them become happier while learning.

Session 4

Session four is all about conditioned behaviour. Everyone develops behavioural patterns around school and home which becomes conditioned behaviour. And this is hard to break because your conditioned brain likes routine and familiar behaviour.

Common classroom and studying behaviours include distractions, disobedience, disruptiveness and displaying emotions that do not support healthy mental behaviour. The behaviours you or your child displays at home or socially can often be reflected in the classroom. So the program helps the conditioned brain rebalance so it displays healthy, happy behaviours which has a positive impact on learning. A happy, relaxed student is receptive to learning and developing relationships with their peers.

Each session is $220.

Before you or your child starts

Adult students start with the trial introduction session and parents with children start with the introduction session. This gives you a sense of what we offer and helps you to feel comfortable with your facilitator. This gives you confidence we can help you or your child. The introductory price is $79. Book yourself or your child in now so you can make the best of the new school year.

Special Offer – $79 First Session