Self Esteem Psychotherapy

Your life should be about you. When your life starts to become about what others think of you and how you are perceived, a complication of emotional stress signals flood your brain causing you to overthink and drop your self-esteem. Welcome to Brain Wellness Spa, a great drug-free alternative to self esteem counseling that will assist you in seeing things differently and really getting the most out of yourself.

Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence affects how you see yourself as part of the world around you. Self esteem psychotherapy could be a solution for you. 

Symptoms include:

-Being overly critical of yourself

-Negative self-talk

-Describing yourself using negative words

-Feeling inferior to the people around you

-Not taking credit for your achievements but instead believing it was just luck

-Doubting someone’s sincerity when given a compliment

-A fear of trying and being judged

-Low resilience to life’s challenges

-Neglecting your self-care or turning to substance abuse

-Thoughts of self-harm

-Thinking you are never good enough

-Tolerating poor behaviour in relationships.

Healthy self-esteem is based on our ability to see ourselves accurately and accept and value ourselves unconditionally, even with our imperfections. By re-training your brain to think, feel, behave, respond and perceive, it may help improve self-esteem; increase feelings of worthiness and belonging; increase self-compassion and self-acceptance; improve happiness and life satisfaction and reduce unhealthy reactions to shame. This is what our programs offer. Here at Brain Wellness Spa, our facilitators offer a unique, alternative and drug free method created by our founder Terri Bowman aimed to assist people encountering struggles in their daily lives, to find inner peace and overcome negative thoughts and emotions (the BWS Method). Call us, now!

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1 HR Introduction Session
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