Break Free From Self Esteem and Confidence Issues

There are many areas in life that can harm your confidence and self esteem and these can have an affect on the rest of your life while potentially contributing to more serious mental and emotional health issues. Experiences such as bullying, abuse, divorce, loss of job or many other factors can interfere with you throughout your child and adulthood.

Self esteem is your core strength, it’s what make you bounce back from the challenges of our modern lives. Just imagine you are a big tall tree that doesn’t have a tap root, it will only take one strong wind to blow you over. Low self esteem is exactly that, it’s like not having a tap root and the wind, or your every day challenges, keep blowing you over.

Low self esteem is what chips away at your confidence and erodes your emotional and psychological strength. Confidence on the other hand is your armour. Confidence is what gives you the ability to make new social connections, accept new opportunities and stand up to new challenges. Confidence is critical, it’s what gives you the strength to be bold, brave and to feel self-assured with your decisions, goals and dreams


Regain Your Self Esteem & Confidence Now

In 10 sessions* we help you worry less about what others think about you and after your first session your low self esteem and lack in confidence will no longer be as obvious and you will have a great sense of feeling care free

*The program is 10 sessions unless you have mental illness which may require more sessions to combat depression, anxiety and other severe illnesses which need to be addressed before you become confident.

The Brain Wellness Spa™ has become my happy place. Terri & the team are rocking my world right now. I've seen incredible results with my anxiety and so happy to say that with the Brain Wellness Spa, exercise, meditation, reading & love and support I'm feeling better than ever.

Heidi Anderson
Radio Host Hit 92.9

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