Post Traumatic Stress Treatment

How Ian Stopped PTSD In Its Tracks By Visiting Our “Brain Spa”

98% Of People Feel Noticeably Better After Their First Treatment Alone (Based On 10 Indicators)…

Dear Friend, 

If you are suffering from PTSD, then you know how crippling it can be. When a flashback hits, time stops. You’re suddenly back in the moment with vivid awareness. You feel every detail again without your consent. The visions, smells and sounds. Sometimes it’s hard to shake them off and grab reality back. 

The worst episodes bring you to a grinding halt. 

It’s emotional torture. You’re riddled with fear, anxiety and sadness. Upsetting flashbacks affect your daily life. Then plague you further when its time to try and go to sleep. Hard to exist in that reality. 

That’s why the news of the breakthrough I am about to reveal could have a life changing effect for you. No exaggeration.

Hi, I’m Terri Bowman, owner of the Brain Wellness Spa. Over the last 14 years I’ve been a maverick. I personally developed a groundbreaking, non-invasive treatment for PTSD. One that talks directly to the negative thought patterns in your unconscious brain. 

Best of all, my treatment has already helped thousands of clients right here in Perth

Most alternative solutions and treatments are still trying the same things. Or worse… they don’t know how to deal with your specific situation. After all, it affects everyone’s brain differently. This can make you feel like expensive, dangerous and ineffective drugs are your only option.

Crazy, right?

That’s why I’d like to tell you about Ian…

It started when he witnessed a fatal car accident in the 1980’s. He was only 15 years old…

Ian grew up in New Zealand. During the 1980’s there was no counselling or other treatment on offer. He had to carry the flashbacks, negativity, and nightmares with him. 

Imagine that… having to trudge through life without hope. No one bothering to offer a helping hand. No one even empathizing with the pain that lives in your core.

 This desperation made him ask around. He needed to at least try and find a solution. However, in this state, he talked to the wrong people. Things got so bad he even hounded his friends and family. 

What he craved the most was to fit in. He just wanted to be a normal person. 

People can be cruel. Instead of helping him, some of those friends and family members disconnected entirely. They kicked him when he was down.

This drove him to antidepressants. He couldn’t sleep because of the flashbacks and nightmares. He would shake and wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. This became his daily routine. 

It went on for years.


He witnessed a SECOND fatal car crash in New Zealand…

This time he was in his 40 ‘s, so he was able to offer a helping hand. Ian attempted emergency CPR on the first passenger. But it was no good. He died in his arms.  The other female passenger died shortly after, in the hospital. 

Understandably… this crushed Ian. He went onto having more nightmares. Worst of all, he blamed himself. He felt like he could’ve done more to save the female passengers life. 

After this incident, Ian came back to Australia a broken man. Completely lost in life. He’d missed out on thousands in income because he couldn’t work. He contemplated suicide twice. Spent days in bed. Wouldn’t wake up until 5pm in the afternoon. Ian couldn’t even bring himself to go to the shop to get milk and bread. 

He was sick of asking for help. Let down by standard treatment. Fed up with things that made him feel tired all the time.

“If this is their way of helping people this isn’t for me. There’s got to be an alternative way…”

After some research on the internet, he stumbled upon our Brain Wellness Spa. 

To be honest, he only tried it initially because it sounded different. A “Spa”. He didn’t want to see the inside of another professionals office again. So a Spa felt like a welcome change. 

The first day he came in he told Joanne (our practitioner) he wanted a better life. To get rid of the flashbacks. Sleep better. Get on with people more. 

Halfway through the treatment he thought “is this even working”.

But since he’d always given up on other things in life… he knew he had to stick with it. Till the end.

Did our treatment work?

I’m glad to say it did!

You can see the shocking transformation yourself in the video below ..

It “turned life around 100%”.

Now he:

  • Doesn’t have flashbacks
  • Doesn’t wake up shaking
  • Gets on better with people
  • Made some new friendships
  • Gets up at 5am to go mountain biking. Instead of staying in bed till 5pm
  • Spends more time with his daughter 

What caused this amazing transformation in Ian? The answer is pretty magical actually…

When you are awake – you are “conscious”. You can speak, run, jump, draw, think, etc. All those wonderful things.

But how does your brain know what to do? What to think? Where does that come from?

A lot of what you do happens on autopilot. You know when you touch a hot stove you’ll probably get burnt. You know if you bite into a lemon it’ll be sour. 

These things are stored in your unconscious brain. Think of it like a storehouse for all your memories, knowledge and past experiences. 

Here’s the thing…

Trauma is stored in your unconscious brain too.  So you can get flashbacks on autopilot. Certain things trigger it so you have no control. It can happen anytime, without your consent. 

It’s the way your unconscious brain has been programmed now!

When you suffered that traumatic incident your brain went into “fight or flight” mode. This released stress hormones like adrenaline and norepinephrine. It’s what gives you that burst of energy to deal with the situation. Your heart beats faster while your brain puts other tasks on pause.

It’s pure survival.  

The problem is your brain got stuck in this survival mode long after the actual event. It’s on danger alert even though there is no danger! While on high alert… it continues to send out stress signals. 

The part of the brain that handles fear and emotion (the Amygdala) is more active in people with PTSD. Over time PTSD changes your brain. Which is why experts recommend you seek treatment as soon as possible. 

There is no cure. If you are experiencing PTSD… I don’t advise against trying other solutions on offer. I don’t knock them. Go for it.

But if you have repressed trauma … chances are it’ll rear its ugly head. Time-and-time again. 

So if you ONLY work on your conscious brain through traditional therapies then you could be missing the bigger picture.

Especially since 95% of brain activity happens beyond your conscious awareness!

Our treatment aims to “recode” and heal that part of your unconscious brain. 

How? We sit you in a chair at our spa, play some music and calmly speak with you. 

Yes I know that sounds simple but, the actual words we say are designed to re-code your unconscious brain. They have been developed (and optimized) over 14 years with thousands of clients. 

You simply sit there and relax. Nothing intrusive happens whatsoever. The whole process lasts around 30 minutes.
Our treatment tries to remove blocks and autopilot patterns that keep dragging you back into those dreaded states. 

The results speak for themselves…

She suffered PTSD as a child and there were “repeated moments her brain was going down a path she could not control”. Our treatment managed to free her from those demons. 

“It’s been the most liberating thing for me to date”

Mel had multiple triggers. She found herself in a very reactive state because of that. It’s very hard to take control of your life when you are constantly reacting to triggers. It’s like having to turn off a massive alarm clock in your head, every 15 minutes, for the rest of your life. There is no peace. 

Finding that peace is something Steven needed as well. After he suffered a workplace accident…

He got to a point where it almost ended his marriage. 

Visiting our Spa was…

“A last ditch effort to save my marriage and, to be honest, save my life”

Steven had a couple of half-hearted suicide attempts under his belt. He just couldn’t see a way out of his old life. 

Now? He is excited and can breathe again. He hasn’t felt like this for the last 4 years at least. 

That’s the power and beauty of our treatment. It gives you a glimmer of hope… just when you think you’ve run out of options. A real second chance. Ian, Mel and Steven didn’t have to remain stuck and trapped in the vicious loop of PTSD. Neither did our other clients…



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All these results came from our safe, non-intrusive, 100% natural treatment. 98% of people feel noticeably better after their first session alone (Based On 10 Indicators)…

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The practitioner is trained to identify underlying issues. Ones that can cause ineffective brain behaviour. 

After the evaluation, the practitioner will explain their findings to you.

Nothing too intense. You won’t have to dig up painful or traumatic experiences like other programs. You don’t even have to talk about the past if you don’t want to.

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If you are ready to try and break out of the cycle of PTSD we are here to help you.

If you are ready to try and break out of the cycle of PTSD we are here to help you.

Now you’ve heard all the information you’re at a crossroads. You have three basic options…

[1] You can choose to do nothing and continue living with PTSD hoping that it goes away on its own somehow.

[2] You can choose to try other treatments. Or other treatments that simply mask the underlying problem.

[3] You can choose to take a “leap of faith” and book your discount session with us for $79, now, today. 98% of our clients (based on 10 indicators) have a significant improvement in symptoms after their first session alone. You could be one of them…

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Special Offer – $79 First Session