Are you ready to reinforce, lock-in and continue to build upon the amazing life-changing benefits you are now experiencing after completing the Emotional Empowerment Program?

The Brain Wellness Spa Menu offers 15 highly targeted programs that each focus on a specific area of your life that you want to improve or challenge that you want to overcome. The programs are designed to:

  • Build on and reinforce the improvements you have already made with the Brain Wellness Spa.
  • Provide a quick booster to maintain peak performance in important areas of your daily life.
  • Target and overcome the biggest challenges you face in your life right now so you can enjoy full happiness, confidence, and self-worth.

Read below for detailed descriptions on our amazing Spa Menu Programs


The Confidence Booster

If you have been afraid to step outside your comfort zone to embrace all the richness, joy, and experiences that life has to offer, the Confidence Booster program is going to change your life. We aim to build up your inner strength and Read More »

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Self Esteem Extreme

Do you live with a mind constantly filled with insecurities and feelings of inferiority? Do you worry too much about what others think about you, always seeking approval and fearful of being rejected? Well, it is time to find your inner core Read More »

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Acing Acceptance

Wouldn't you love to reach a place of true personal acceptance to finally let go of negative emotions and beliefs caused by difficult, embarrassing, or painful events from your past? You do not need or deserve to live with this ongoing regret Read More »

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Living Again Program

Are you dealing with grief and loss after the death of a loved one such as a partner, child, family member, close friend, or pet? We understand this pain can be unbearable and you may feel like you will never recover. The Living Read More »

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Peaceful Pregnancy

When you experience fear, stress, and worry while pregnant, these negative emotions can also be experienced by your unborn baby. This can cause them to be born with ingrained anxiety and stress patterns that stay with them for life. With the modern Read More »

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Survival To Strength

Are you suffering from ongoing trauma or post-traumatic stress syndrome caused by childhood abuse, death, or illness of a loved one, returning from war or conflict, working in emergency services, bullying, a relationship breakdown, or any other traumatic event? If you have been Read More »

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Mental Stability Stabilizer

Living with complex mood disorders, severe mental illness, depression, mood swings, and unbalanced emotions is one of the hardest things a person can experience. These mental health challenges create ongoing obstacles to your desire for true and lasting happiness. The Mental Stability Stabiliser Read More »

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Unstoppable You

Reach the pinnacle of peak performance and create rapid breakthroughs in your life that you never dreamed possible in just 10 sessions over 10 days. The Unstoppable You Program aims to remove all negative, limiting, sabotaging and distracting beliefs from your mind. Read More »

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Positive Mindset Express

Being in business can be a daily battle if your mindset is not strong enough to cope with the challenges that life throws at you. Rent, wages, overheads, staff issues, and bad debts are just some of the things that plague a Read More »

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Abolishing Abandonment And Rejected Love Series

Do you feel lost, lonely, rejected, or unloved? If you do, you are suffering from emotional abandonment issues. Feelings of abandonment often come from childhood and can cause emotional and psychological distress. This results in trust issues, being emotionally needy, feeling insecure, Read More »

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Superior Man

Are you feeling emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and mentally broken? Do you have trouble coping with the stress of work and responsibilities of supporting a family? Do the accomplishments of some men make you feel inadequate? Well, you do not have to feel this Read More »

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Magnificent Womanhood

Do your emotions take you on a roller coaster ride that affects your relationships, family, and career? Do you often perceive situations negatively and find yourself having emotional outbursts, in tears, stressed, worried, moody, or feeling overwhelmed? Magnificent Womanhood empowers the woman within Read More »

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Mind Series

Does your mind limit your ability to embrace change, new opportunities, better relationships, and a better way of living? Is your mind locked in a pattern of misery and negativity? The mind attracts and supports your internal world. Do you have an Read More »

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Attitudes Series

Are your attitudes causing friction in relationships with loved ones, family, and at work or school? Are you pessimistic, miserable, moody, and often have negative attitudes about your life and the people who surround you? Attitudes can also determine a person's level of Read More »

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Prosperity And Abundance Mindset Series

Do you constantly worry about money? Are you always struggling to make ends meet? Do you have fears surrounding never having enough money which puts you into a constant contractive state? You cannot be in prosperity if you are in a state Read More »

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