Positive Mindset Express Program

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Session 1 Works on Your Conditioned Thinking

Conditioned thinking stems from your childhood. The way you dealt with internal dialogue as a child shapes your thinking as an adult. When you become more open and receptive to business demands, it helps you make better decisions. And you have more confidence in your choices.

Session 1 attempts to stop the brain from overthinking. This helps free you from the cycle of constant worry.

Session 2 Works On Your Conditioned Thoughts

On average you have between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. And if stressed, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed, these are non-relenting and negative. Thoughts tend to play in a loop in your mind so yesterday’s thoughts often continue today. Session 2 quietens your thoughts. This relieves your mind so you can better plan and run your business.

Session 3 & 4 Creates a Positive and Optimistic Mindset

In today’s world, a positive mindset is one thing. But if it is conditioned for doom and gloom, you will feel negative and worried. An optimistic mindset helps you seize opportunities where there may not seem to be any. Optimism is an elixir for success.

What They Are Saying

Jasmine was one of many small business owners who have been significantly impacted from COVID-19 restrictions.

Having to shut her business’ doors was worrying the mum of two. Jasmine completed four sessions over two weeks during the Mindset Express Program. Jasmine feels the sessions helped her cope with the current climate.

Jim has been coming to see us for just over four years now. When the COVID-19 restrictions hit, Jim was feeling a new kind of anxiety. He had to close his bar doors. This left Jim filled with questions and concerns for his staff, his lease, his finance and, of course, himself.

We told Jim about a program called Mindset Express which could help to relief him of the overwhelming anxiety surrounding COVID-19 anxiety.