Weight Loss Magic

Turning to food for the feelings of love and comfort is a common pattern among people suffering from excess weight and food addiction. Your relationship with food is inherited and where the diet industry fails is they don’t acknowledge this genetic mind link.

Here’s how addiction to food occurs: We are rewarded for eating with a surge of Oxytocin released into our system. Oxytocin promotes the feelings of satisfaction and love. Individuals who overindulge in food are seeking the comfort that comes from the release of Oxytocin because of negative feelings stemming from a low self-esteem.

The Brain Wellness Spa has several programs designed to boost your self-esteem and regulate your feelings and emotions to turn off the negative feelings and boost the positive thinking bias. When these programs are combined with Weight Loss Magic (tentative title), you’re empowered to eat less, eat better and exercise so that the weight drops off with ease.

For best results, use this program alongside the food addiction and food craving program and to support between your sessions of The Emotional Empowerment Program at the Brain Wellness Spa.

Directions: Play every night for two years.

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