Adult Eating Disorder

Are you suffering from an unhealthy relationship with food?

Do you feel preoccupied with eating, exercise and the look or shape of your body?

You may be suffering from an eating disorder. Eating disorders are a serious mental illness; not a lifestyle choice or a ‘diet’ gone too far.

Distorted thoughts and emotions about body image and self-worth can lead to major changes in eating and exercise behaviours. These behaviours may include excessive dieting, fasting, overexercising, using medications, vomiting or binge eating.

This unhealthy relationship with food is quite often an attempt to deal with emotional issues such as low self-esteem or negative feelings, which is why programs like ours could help.

Our Adult Eating Disorder program aims to support you in between sessions, you may begin to feel safe around food, your self-esteem may increase and your thoughts and emotions may change toward foods.


Listen at night while you are sleeping, in-between sessions and when you are feeling vulnerable about your body or food.

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