At Brain Wellness Spa, our deep concern for your wellbeing extends to all aspects of your life, including your privacy. 

We respect all your individual privacy rights under the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, and follow the Australian Privacy Principles in the letter as well as spirit. 

By using the Brain Wellness Spa website (Site), you implicitly agree with our Privacy Policy. Therefore, we request you to review this document before using the Site or use any of our tools, products or services.

General Information

The primary reason we collect information is to serve you better – improve Site performance, offer you relevant content, offer products & services useful to you, and ensure you enjoy navigating our Site.

We will not sell, trade, lease, give away or release your personal information, unless:

  • A governmental agency, or an attorney, subpoenas your private information and makes a formal request for information
  • Our attorney requests personally identifying information relevant to a current or pending legal matter
  • We are otherwise required by law to release your private information.

We may use your personal information to process transactions, provide customer service, perform market research & analysis for the sole purposes of improving our products, services and technology.

We may send transaction-related communications such as welcome letters, billing reminders, and purchase confirmations. 

We may also send you surveys or marketing communications to inform you of new products or services or other information or offers that may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive such communication, you can stop receiving them by clicking the unsubscribe button in the emails or by informing us.

We may email, write, or call you in response to customer support requests or other related reasons.

Financial Information

We do not store any credit card information. All credit card and other payment-related services are conducted by (a) verified third party(s).

Remember, we will never request that you provide us with credit card or other financial information, except as required when making a payment.

Cookies & Web Analytics

We use cookies to keep track of your experience with us, to serve you better. 

A ‘cookie’ stored on your computer lets us remember your device, as well as topics of interest to you. It also helps us understand which aspects of our Site are popular, and which can be improved. Plus, it gives us technical information to improve Site performance, such as loading time, etc.

We do not allow 3rd-party cookies to be stored, nor do we pass cookie information to others.

We use Google Analytics, a Google service that stores and analyses traffic data. Such data may be used for:

  • Remarketing ads
  • Recording page/ad impressions
  • Demographics and interest collations

Do note, that Google stores and uses your data anonymously – meaning your personal details are never stored/used.

By using our Site, you consent to Google using your data for the purposes mentioned above, as stated in their Privacy Policy.

Data Security & 3rd Party Services

We ensure that your information is stored under the most stringent data security standards. However, all transactions over the internet, as well as data stored on internet-accessible servers cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure.

We may use 3rd party services for technical and other support. Your information may be disclosed to them solely to help them perform their tasks better. Such service providers may include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical support such as web hosting, data server storage
  • IT & database management
  • Marketing support

 They are also obligated to keep your information private.  

At the Clinic

We strictly apply the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles to all information disclosed by you at our clinic(s).

We are committed to ensuring that all your information remains private.

Collecting Personal Information

We may ask your personal information, mental wellness history and /or the problems you face to help you. 

We only take the details necessary, that you willingly give. Such information may be stored on paper-based or electronic records.

We take all possible security measures to ensure your data is stored safe and secure. 

This information may be collected from you at our clinic(s), over a call, or through other means of digital communication.

We may also collect information from others (like a relative or friend) after receiving your consent.

Using Personal Information

Your personal information is collected solely to make our therapy more effective. 

Any information disclosed by you will only be used to help you get relief from the mental wellness challenges you’re facing.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone other than as required by our staff, unless:

  • You give express permission
  • Required by a court of law, or government authorities

We will use the contact information provided to:

  • Pass on information related to your therapy program, and financial transactions.
  • Inform you of products, services and information useful to you. You can stop receiving them by clicking the unsubscribe button in the emails or by informing us.

Our policies and procedures ensure our staff treats your information confidentially and discreetly.

We will not pass your information to third parties, or misuse it for commercial gain.

You can ask for access to all your information stored. Such a request may be denied if it would harm anyone or their privacy.