Your unborn baby is tuned in to you

Pregnancy can be stressful on top of all the other responsibilities in your life. Working a full-time job, and looking after your family and a home. Pregnancy should be a time of relaxation but that is much easier said than done in today’s busy world. On top of that you may worry about your baby and being a good parent. How are you going to cope with your first or another child? What about money? You may have some fear of the future. This can leave you feeling anxious, fatigued, overwhelmed, flat and exhausted which passes onto the precious fetus growing inside you.

It is vital to have a blissful, peaceful pregnancy or your child can come into the world as stressed as you. Your unborn baby is in tune with everything you say, do and feel. If you feel stressed and unhappy or relaxed and full of love, it affects your unborn baby’s brain.

You are influencing your child before they are even born..

Everything you do and feel affects the fetus from the time of conception. You can influence its developing mind and brain while in the womb. And science backs this up.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., bestselling author of The Honeymoon Effect says the mother’s physical and emotional health profoundly affects her developing child. “The fetus, for example, absorbs excess cortisol and other stress hormones if the mother is chronically anxious. If the child is unwanted for any reason, the fetus is bathed in the chemicals of rejection. If the mother is wildly in love with her baby and her partner, the fetus is bathed in the love potions.”

As far back as 1981, Dr Thomas R. Verny wrote in his ground-breaking book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, “Awake or asleep, the (research) studies show, they (unborn children) are constantly tuned in to their mother’s every action, thought, and feeling. From the moment of conception, the experience in the womb shapes the brain and lays the groundwork for personality, emotional temperament, and the power of higher thought.”

Verny also says your child develops up to 50% of their personality by the time you bring them into the world. “The nine months in the womb are so fundamental to human development in every area of life.”

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Special Offer - $79 First Session


Try our introductory 'Experience Session' today, including a QNR treatment and consultation, for just $79 and normally $220

We'll request some more details so we can book your 1st appointment