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Individuals with a personality disorder exhibit long-time patterns of dysfunctional thinking or acting. They may not even recognize that they have a problem, because their actions seem perfectly normal. Others around them, however, struggle to relate to or understand them.

Individuals with a personality disorder tend to have rigid and unhealthy beliefs and behaviors.1 They will often perceive situations from an odd point of view and struggle to relate to others, though they are unlikely to recognize this because it seems natural to them.

The symptoms associated with the specific personality disorders can vary widely and generally fall into three clusters.

  • Cluster A: disorders that are characterized by odd and eccentric thinking or behavior
  • Cluster B: disorders that are characterized by dramatic, erratic, overly emotional, or unpredictable thinking or behavior
  • Cluster C: disorders that are characterized by anxious and fearful thinking or behavior

The symptoms of personality disorders can lead to significant disruptions in an individual’s life. They may cause the person to have problems with their relationships or become socially isolated. They may even struggle with meeting expectations at work or in school. Individuals with personality disorders are also more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs.

We have seen hundreds of clients, who have struggled for years with their personality disorder, improve their wellbeing through our alternative QNR method, at Brain Wellness Spa.

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