Terri Bowman

Before creating, my own unique program (or starting the Brain Wellness Spa) I had been working with people facing mental health challenges in my own Perth practice using an alternative modality called PSYCH-K®, in an attempt to help them overcome depression, anxiety and many other types of common mental illnesses. Even though in that time I was providing assistance to hundreds of people, I myself had never actually suffered from mental illness of any type.

This made it impossible for me to truly understand on a deeper level the suffering and negative thought patterns that my clients were dealing with on a daily basis. It was for this reason there were simply some clients’ problems I could not understand, nor solve, no matter what I tried.

I went to the UK and studied a specific kinesiology called Psych K® and then went to Germany and did further advanced studies. After completing my course and becoming skilled in working within this modality, I then opened a practice working with people suffering emotional and psychological challenges.

But just before my 45th birthday, all of this changed.

Without warning, I found myself being admitted into a psyche ward after experiencing a severe psychotic episode.

I still remember the trauma, shock and humiliation of finding myself in a hospital for people with mental illness. Completely unexpectedly and without any prior warning at all, I lost all awareness of who I was and was void of any connection to reality.

After many days of medical tests and mistakenly being labelled with multiple mental health conditions such as Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia, I was eventually diagnosed with Menstrual Psychosis, a rare condition triggered by a late menstrual cycle that was a side-effect of the IVF drugs I had taken for many years whilst trying to fall pregnant.

Because my condition was so rare, my doctors had very little understanding of how to treat this mental illness; so I was prescribed a cocktail of drugs that triggered further depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts to the point where I was visualising and planning taking my own life.

This was the lowest point in my life. A frightening and disturbing time that is impossible to explain to people who have never experienced mental illness themselves.

I felt my whole world had turned upside down and I was in a deep, dark hole that there was no getting out of. I lost friends, and people I’d known for years started treating me differently. My brain became very fragile and making it through each day was an exhausting struggle. The constant thoughts of ending my own life seemed like the only way to seek relief from the crushing darkness that had taken over my previously happy life.

For months the side effects from the medications continued to cause havoc with my mind and body, and I was living in constant fear of what was going to happen next.

However, during this exhausted state I experienced a moment of clarity.

I knew without doubt that if I did not do something NOW to gather my strength and change this cycle of negative thought patterns that had taken over my brain, I was going to die.

I had to reclaim my old self and embark on a search for the cure to break free from my condition and get my life and my business back on track. This search for self-cure and a solution to save my own life led me to develop my own unique proprietary technique, to where it is today. I worked harder to understand the causes of mental illness and to develop a program that aims to assist people suffering from anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and all other manners of mental health concerns.

As time passed, my illness became a gift. Through my own hardships and intimate understanding of the realities of mental illness, and over a decade of development, I am now able to offer help to
people suffering with mental health concerns where other treatment options may have failed.

The gift of my mental illness is one that I will cherish forever as it has helped me to connect with, love, embrace and care for people from all backgrounds and with all types of conditions. With the goal of continuing to expand the positive impact of this revolutionary drug-free solution, I created the Brain Wellness Spa.