Ryan Skene

Ryan has an incredible depth compassion when helping people in their most vulnerable states. His sincere care and commitment towards positive client outcomes is instantly felt by everyone he meets. This allows Ryan to develop deep trusting relationships very quickly.

Ryan was raised in a nurturing and supportive environment with his parents, twin brother and older sister. It was here that he developed a heartfelt passion for equality and a desire to help others. This passion led him to study a Bachelor of Criminology and Justice degree, with electives in Addictions studies. Ryan has since started post-graduate studies in a Masters in Child Protection.

Ryan excelled in his studies, earning an Honours Scholarship and being awarded the School of Law and Justice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Criminology and Justice. After completing this course, Ryan worked for a number of state and federal government departments, one of which was the Department for Child Protection.

Working in the field as a Child Protection Officer, Ryan was responsible for the support and monitoring of vulnerable families, children and at-risk youths. Managing these cases involved dealing with very sensitive subject matter and Ryan gained a deeper understanding and compassion for the emotional plight experienced by many people in the community, including children. Many of these cases involved drug and alcohol issues, domestic violence, anger issues, depression and other mental health issues.

Ryan also faced his own battles with mental health issues as he suffered from anxiety, which led him to investigate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness programs. Luckily for us it also introduced Ryan to the Brain Wellness Spa, where he enrolled in our Emotional Empowerment Program to further improve his mental health.

Ryan instantly fell in love with the rapid, positive results he could feel in his mental health and knew he wanted to train as a BWS Facilitator to support others battling with mental illness.

In addition, Ryan has a special interest and love for helping improve the lives of others in the gay and lesbian community, as he understands the conflicts and challenges faced by this community.