Peter Howe

Peter’s in depth understanding of mental health give him insight into what people are going through when faced with these challenges. This makes him an ideal BWS Facilitator.

Experiencing many years of depression and anxiety as well as drug addiction in his late twenties, Peter knows what it takes to recover. He sees his mental illness as a gift and his past is the fuel that drives his commitment to help others in their most vulnerable state. Peter has a natural ability to connect with people from all walks of life which allows him to build strong relationships on the basis of trust. And brings this to his clients at the Brain Wellness Spa.

He has the skills to help people move forward in their lives. Peter has an innate ability to empower people, to show them they are worthy and that they are enough. He breaks through what holds people back so they can see life differently.

During his studies, Peter worked as a mental health recovery worker for a non-profit organisation. In this role he provided emotional, social and daily living support to people experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges. This included one-on-one and group support. This deepened Peter’s understanding of mental health while supporting many people dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, stress and anger.

His empathy, kindness, energy and caring nature are qualities that allow his clients to feel comfortable opening up to him.

He is living proof it is possible to transform your life. Peter looks forward to working with clients to help them realise their dreams for the future.