Nicole King

Nicole is passionate about supporting people through difficult situations. She believes in equipping clients with personalised tools and techniques they can call on when they are in crisis. Her strong belief in a holistic, drug-free approach drew her to work at the Brain Wellness Spa.

With a Diploma of Counselling, Nicole uses her skills volunteering with Lifeline WA as a Crisis Supporter. For over four years she has been providing telephone counselling to those who have no one else to talk to. She also facilitates and coaches new volunteers, assisting them in getting phone ready and supporting them through difficult calls. Her Lifeline experience allows her to be a calming, non-judgemental voice to the many people who call in seeking support. These calls can range from small family disagreements to wanting to attempt suicide.

Coming from a diverse family background, Nicole is compassionate, nurturing and understanding by nature. She forms connections with people quickly with her warm energy and calm approach, making it easy to open up to her. Nicole’s bubbly personality and positive outlook are infectious to be around.

Nicole has abundant experience helping people with a vast range of social and mental health issues. This includes anxiety, depression, grief, suicide, domestic violence and anger. And many of these issues have hit close to home. There have been times close friends turned to her when dealing with domestic violence and suicide attempts.

Nicole is passionate about empowering people to overcome their struggles by focusing on their own personal strengths. She thrives on helping to build up clients’ self-esteem and resilience.

Nicole is a good fit as a facilitator at the Brain Wellness Spa with her personal and professional experience. She believes that if you have the ability to help others then you should. Nicole loves nothing more than seeing people achieve their dreams and goals.