Monique Rossouw

Monique has a passion for helping people with mental health issues. She is an empathetic, compassionate QNR™ (Quantum Neuro Recoding) Facilitator who gets results. Monique’s unique combination of skills helps clients change their lives.

At the foundation of her career is Monique’s caring for people and a passion to advocate for their needs. She finds it rewarding to help people achieve personal growth to reach their goals. Improving people’s lives motivates her compassion for the people she works with.

Monique is a vibrant, resilient and intuitive worker with initiative and flair. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Psychology majoring in Organisational Psychology from the University of South Africa. Monique is also a Certified Life Coach and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner. And registered with the Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching Professionals which complements her work at The Brain Wellness Spa. Monique is continuing her personal development. She is studying neural and behavioural science, NLP, hypnosis, quantum physics, and coaching and change management models.

Working as a support worker, Monique has practical experience working one-on-one with clients. Both with therapeutic interventions and case management. Monique takes a collaborative approach with her clients to deliver the best outcomes. She understands everyone needs solutions tailored to meet their needs.
Monique has the unique ability to create a healing space for her clients to help them commit to change. She has a non-judgemental, genuine, empathetic nature that wins the trust of her clients. They naturally open up to her and feel empowered to achieve their goals to live fulfilling, happy lives.

With a unique combination of skills, Monique is an effective QNRTM Facilitator. Monique focuses on her client’s needs to deliver services to help change their lives. She has a deep empathy for vulnerable people that drives her to help them make positive life changes.

Monique has strong diplomacy skills and enjoys supporting others to achieve their full potential. She loves working in a creative, collaborative and passionate work environment that provides her with space to learn and grow. And, most important, the positive outcomes she can achieve using QNRTM, and through collaboration and team work.