Molly Finch

Molly is an enthusiastic, caring, supportive and highly driven Quantum Neuro Recoding (QNR) Facilitator, passionate about helping clients achieve the personal success they long for.

Achievement of a Bachelor Degree in Psychology as well as certificates in both Holistic Counselling and Meditation have given her the skills and knowledge required to facilitate making a difference in the lives of those who are struggling with mental health issues and move beyond their perceived limitations.

Her excellent communication and problem-solving skills lend themselves to a highly developed ability to ‘think outside the box’ which is of great benefit to assisting clients experience insight into specific areas of concern, thereby helping them to experience that all-important ‘light bulb moment’.

In her role as Mentor and through her enthusiasm, commitment, passion and skills, Molly has assisted many youths deemed ‘at-risk’ to identify their strengths, receive validation and as a result improve their self-esteem and general well-being. She assisted them in developing healthy patterns of thinking, goals setting and building motivation by strengthening their sense of self in order to excel through their schooling environment and into adulthood.

Her life-long interest in mental health and well-being has instilled in her the drive to walk alongside clients of all ages and diversity to help them reach their personal goals of positive mental health and well-being.

Molly believes we can all achieve optimal health and well-being through understanding our brain, and the impact of the unconscious mind on our overall physical and mental health and looks forward to assisting you with this.