Melanie Spooner

Melanie’s unique perspective and extensive skillset combined with her empathic nature makes her an ideal BWS facilitator.

As a trained professional counsellor and holistic psychotherapist with more than 9 years’ clinical experience, Melanie adopts a holistic approach when working with clients. Her caring, compassionate manner along with a non-judgmental attitude helps her relate to the people she works with, which helps them feel comfortable opening up to her.

In 2010, Melanie studied a 3-year Counselling and Psychotherapy Associate Degree in Sydney, NSW. Her specialist focus areas included complex trauma; PTSD; addiction; suicidal ideation; domestic violence and abuse; childhood trauma; anxiety and depression. General focus areas included anger management; stress; emotional self-regulation; self-esteem issues and resilience building. She is currently working towards a Master of Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health MSc.

With a passion for making people’s lives better, Melanie worked as an individual and family counsellor in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt Region for three years. Her extensive caseload and diverse range of clientele saw her working with individuals, adolescents, children and families with complex issues including relationship counselling.

Melanie worked at Marnja Jarndu Women’s Refuge in Broome from 2019 to 2021. Here she counselled and supported indigenous women living in remote areas of the Kimberley dealing with domestic violence and assisted them with advocacy.

An in-depth interest in integrative psychotherapy and interpersonal neurobiology is supported by her thirst for knowledge to support her clients when dealing with emotional and psychological challenges. For Melanie, it is inspirational and rewarding to provide insight and clarity to assist people to overcome their mental distress as they go through transformational changes and personal growth.

A warm, compassionate, caring nature combined with a wicked sense of humour assists her to engage with people on both a professional and personal level. Melanie works with her clients empathically and unconditionally to help them to achieve positive outcomes.

It was 12 years ago that Melanie was first introduced to the Brain Wellness Spa program when in its initial stages of delivery. She remembers that even back then it had a profound effect on her. Melanie noticed immediate positive results that offered major relief. From this experience, Melanie affirms that it is an honour and privilege to now be employed as a facilitator at the Brain Wellness Spa.

Melanie’s overarching passion is to continue to improve, and to empower the lives of women and children experiencing or escaping family and domestic violence. Her purpose is to make a difference, so they lead happier, healthier and more satisfying lives.