Liz Dawson

Liz can relate to the challenges people face in today’s fast-paced world. Moving from South Africa in 2016, her marriage broke down and ended in divorce. This all happened in the space of three months. Two major stressors and changes to her life, far away from family and friends, made it difficult to cope.

Finding herself alone in a new country, establishing a new life and supporting her children in a new family dynamic has not been easy. The burden of accepting the divorce and wanting to overcome its negative effects eventually took its toll. She began living with constant negative thoughts, had anxiety and suffered with depression. This led Liz to the Brain Wellness Spa to begin her own healing journey with the Emotional Empowerment Program.

The results astounded Liz. Soon she could face the world again as a confident woman and mother. With a new lease on life, opportunities popped into her life. Not for a second did Liz hesitate when the opportunity to join the Brain Wellness Spa as a QNRTM facilitator came up. Liz knew this was the perfect opportunity to share her knowledge and experience of QNRTM methods to help other people.

And, Liz is well qualified to work as a QNRTM facilitator. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in organisational psychology and communications from the University of South Africa. Liz is currently pursuing further personal and professional development. She is studying for a Diploma of Counselling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors. She believes in knowledge and learning is a useful professional tool to help her further understand her clients and how to help them.

Liz brings strong communication and interpersonal skills along with a natural ability to encourage and nurture to her role as a QNRTM facilitator. Friends and family know this side of her well as she has supported many through difficult challenges in their lives.

Working with the Brain Wellness Spa gives Liz the opportunity to pursue her goals of helping others through their mental issues and tough times. Being a naturally empathetic, intuitive person, Liz feels deeply for others struggling with mental health issues.

Liz says she wants to help people find their zest for life again. “I have a deep empathy for people who have lost the will to live and commit to supporting them on their healing journey.”