Kylie Butler

Kylie is an experienced QNR™ (Quantum Neuro Recoding) Facilitator who has studied and worked under the close guidance of Brain Wellness Spa founder, Terri Bowman for the last 10 years. During this time, Kylie has become a brain healing expert, achieving amazing transformations and rapid, life-changing results for clients who come to her suffering from all types of mental illness, stress and emotional overwhelm.

Kylie has a unique and very personal understanding of the mental, physical and emotional toll that mental illness can have on your life, and also the amazing power of QNR therapy. This is because Kylie first came to the BWS as a client suffering depression and anxiety.

After experiencing QNR™ therapy at the Brain Wellness Spa, Kylie’s life completely turned around, and she knew that she wanted to become a qualified QNR™ Facilitator to help people overcome their own struggles with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

It is this personal battle with mental illness whilst managing the demands of motherhood and her accounting career that makes Kylie such an understanding and successful QNR™ therapist. Over the last four years, Kylie has transformed the lives of hundreds of clients, helping them to heal their brain and live a life free of anxiety, depression and other mental illness.

Whilst working as a QNR™ therapist at BWS, Kylie completed her Landmark Personal Development Coaching Training and also completed studies to become a self expression and leadership coach, in order to help others work towards making positive changes, step outside their comfort zones and improve their lives.

Kylie is also currently undertaking Integrative Health Coach training to further help clients achieve their full potential and strengthen their physical, mental and emotional health.  And everyday she is more excited and passionate to create lifelong positive change for her clients through the power of QNR™ therapy.

You can hear Kylie’s full story of how QNR™ therapy transformed her life here.