Kelly Redhead

Kelly has held a deeply ingrained passion for helping others from a very young age. This naturally guided her career path towards the areas of mental health and holistic wellness.

After completing a Bachelor and Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Liverpool in the UK in 1999, Kelly immediately began working within the areas of community and family mental health. In a range of roles, Kelly gained vast experience helping people dealing with personal crisis and trauma, whilst handling complex mental health cases.

During her 17 years in mental health, Kelly specialised in:

  • Perinatal mental health (Perinatal mental health includes depression, anxiety disorders and postpartum psychosis experienced by mothers between 22 weeks of pregnancy through to seven days after birth.)
  • Helping parents suffering mental health issues
  • Helping the families, friends, carers and children of people suffering mental health issues
  • Helping people dealing with drug, alcohol and smoking addiction
  • Helping people overcome emotional eating and weight issues
  • Helping individuals and their families deal with the mental and emotional impact of cancer diagnosis

Kelly’s deep compassion and genuine care for her clients saw her excel in these positions, and she pioneered many projects aimed at improving community and family mental health, both in the UK and here in Western Australia.

During this time, Kelly also continued to advance her skills and knowledge in all areas of mental health and gained many qualifications in holistic therapies such as Reiki, Auricular Acupuncture, Mindfulness, Energy Healing, Bush Flower essences and various forms of massage, to further support her clients.

Kelly’s never-ending commitment to uncovering the most effective ways to help her clients overcome mental illness and a range of other issues is what eventually led her to the Brain Wellness Spa. After a client she was working with introduced her to BWS, Kelly was amazed by the work and more specifically the results the clinic was getting.

It was then Kelly knew she had to be part of this and enrolled herself into the Emotional Empowerment Program to gain a first-hand experience of the therapy and the results. This further strengthened her determination to learn and apply this groundbreaking therapy, and under the training and guidance of BWS founder Terri Bowman, Kelly is now a fully qualified QNR practitioner.