Kelly Hulme

Kelly has true empathy for people struggling with mental health issues. She can feel their pain after her own recovery from PTSD. This is one of the things that make her a truly empathetic QNR™ facilitator.

After her second child was born with a life-threatening condition, she spent the first 12 months of his life in and out of Princess Margaret Hospital. This gave her firsthand experience of the depth of suffering that comes after a life trauma and continually living in survival mode. So she sought help. During her personal healing journey, Kelly explored both traditional and alternative therapies that led her to the Brain Wellness Spa.

With a Bachelor of Behavioural Science from Charles Darwin University, Kelly continues to pursue ongoing self-development. Her career began in the Northern Territory. She embraced diversity and community mindedness have become core values in all areas of her life. Being incredibly passionate about mental health and removing the stigma that surrounds it, she passionately believes in a holistic approach and continually explores new way to support her clients.

Kelly has a diverse range of experience. This includes respite foster caring, helping to facilitate spiritual retreats in the UK and Australia, and investigating a wide range of alternative therapies. She feels privileged to be part of people’s lives at such a vulnerable and transformative time of their life, and loves to help people heal.

Kelly is a warm, empathetic QNR™ facilitator, incredibly passionate about creating genuine, trusting relationships with her clients and colleagues. From a young age, she witnessed the effects of constraints on mental health struggles. Knowing how difficult it is to receive consistent, compassionate support that has positive results has naturally guided her to into the field of mental health. Kelly has a unique ability to create an environment that allows her clients to feel safe and supported. This allows trusting relationships to grow quickly and she believes this is a core foundation that allows positive changes to begin.

Supporting a family member suffering with severe anxiety and depression was Kelly’s first experience with the Bain Wellness Spa. She was in awe of how quickly they experienced a noticeable difference during their visits. By the time she completed the program, her family member felt in control of her life and mental health again. It was then Kelly knew, she wanted to become a QNR™ facilitator with the Brain Wellness Team to help people create the positive change they long for.