Jennifer Drusetta

Jenny is a deeply compassionate and understanding person, who has an amazing ability to connect and build genuine trusting relationships with people from all types of ethnic, religious and social backgrounds.

Jenny specialises in helping people who are dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, a skill she developed working in the funeral industry.

Her ability to listen to and comfort people in their most vulnerable states helped many of her past clients better understand and deal with the extreme emotions experienced during times of grief, such as shock, anger, disbelief, sadness and loss.

During this time, Jenny undertook many courses focused on supporting people experiencing grief and loss, and also gained vast experience in Funeral Rites for various ethnic and religious communities. This allowed her to better understand and support people with diverse beliefs or backgrounds.

Jenny has been a close friend of BWS CEO Terri Bowman for more than 20 years and has spent much time in and around the clinic. Several years ago, she underwent the BWS program herself, and was amazed at the positive improvement in all areas of her life. So when the opportunity arose to train as a QNR™ Facilitator under Terri’s mentorship, Jenny knew from her own experience it was the best way she could better support and help people dealing with the ongoing sense of loss and grief experienced after their loved ones had been laid to rest.

Jenny’s vast skill-set, life experience and genuine compassion for people means she is also highly effective at helping people overcome all types of mental illness.

Jenny is now a qualified QNR™ Facilitator and continues her mentorship and training under Terri Bowman. She is also currently completing a Diploma of Counselling, which is allowing Jenny to achieve outstanding results for all her clients at the Brain Wellness Spa.