Helen Moes

With a genuine nurturing and healing nature, Helen has a deep understanding of people’s life experiences. Her extensive experience as a mental health professional for 15 years gives her the ability to form lasting relationships based on trust and understanding. Helen’s beliefs and approach to life makes her a perfect fit as a facilitator at the Brain Wellness Spa.

Helen has a deep fascination and curiosity about people and is always seeking a deeper insight into why people think, act and behave the way they do. Graduating with a Bachelor of Psychology in 2002, she has been working with people to help them uncover underlying issues. Being solution-focused, she has a talent for motivating others to set achievable goals.

Helen is a mother of three. Her oldest son is an adult, her daughter is a young teenager, and her other son is fast heading into his tween years. Her children’s education is what led her to initially study psychology.

Working in the mental space, Helen has a deep insight into helping people with disordered thinking patterns. Her experience includes working with people in residential services to help them deal with anger and control issues, drug and alcohol services, sexual assault services, and people suffering with complex trauma and PTSD. She has also helped clients deal with depression, anxiety, suicidal and self-harming thoughts. For a great deal of her career, she worked with families, children and couples with relationship issues, difficult family dynamics, and domestic and family violence. She also has experience working with children and teenagers. Her work has helped her clients deal with stress, self-esteem, confidence, bullying, suicide, divorce, sibling stress, family conflict, substance abuse, gender issues, and relationship problems.

Helen brings her extensive knowledge and experience to the Brain Wellness Spa to benefit her clients. She says it’s exciting to be on this journey as it aligns with her holistic approach to life. Helen looks forward to inspiring her clients and helping them discover the possibilities that awaits them.