Eva McFarland

Eva is an empathetic, nurturing and passionate BWS Facilitator, who has dedicated her life to helping those struggling with mental health issues.

To support her passion for helping others, Eva spent many years studying. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Developmental Psychology, and Cognitive Neuroscience and Health Psychology from Murdoch University. She also has a Graduate Diploma and a Masters in Counselling. Eva’s passion for mental health also shows in her recently published research into adolescent depression, cannabis use and suicide. Eva is perfectly positioned to facilitate our unique program with people striving to make a positive change in their life after relocating from rural Margaret River to pursue her passion.

With years of mentoring and counselling experience both voluntarily and in private practice, Eva has experience working with women, men and young people. During her career she has worked with people affected by family and domestic violence; alcohol and other drugs and behavioural changes; eating disorders; PTSD and complex mental health disorders; depression and anxiety; stress and burnout; grief, loss and trauma; suicidality and self-harming behaviours and general mental wellbeing.

Throughout her life, Eva has firsthand experience of the effects that familial mental health issues can have on an individual. From eating disorders, depression and suicidality to alcohol and drug problems, PTSD and family separation, she has a wide array of personal experience. This further fuels her passion for helping others. With a background working in alcohol and drug rehabilitation, her non-judgemental and unconditionally accepting attitude makes her a calm, easy to talk to presence.