Deana Mayor

Deana is a caring and compassionate QNR™ (Quantum Neuro Recoding) Facilitator, with a deep empathy for people suffering with mental health issues.

Her wealth of life experience across various countries around the world, combined with her genuine love for and inherent ability to connect with people of all ages on a one-to-one level makes her an incredible QNR™ Facilitator. Being a natural listener, she has spent most of her life helping and supporting friends and family through their difficult times.

Deana’s Brain Wellness Spa journey began when she first met CEO and founder Terri Bowman, six years ago.  After several meetings with Terri, she enrolled into the Brain Wellness Spa’s Emotional Empowerment Program, with the purpose of gaining a stronger understanding of the QNR™ method.

Early in her QNR™ training, her long term de facto relationship broke down and she made the decision to pursue her desire to cease taking anti-depressant medication. This inspired in her an urgent need to complete the program for her own mental health and wellbeing.

Upon completing the program, things changed dramatically for Deana. She was extremely delighted and overwhelmed with gratitude for the clarity and freedom the program gave her, which she continues to experience to this day.

Deana has now been free of the need for anti-depressant medication for five years, and is in the most loving and exciting relationship she has ever been in – proving these programs and the QNR™ method really do work wonders.

So happy with her results, Deana quickly began recommending family, friends and colleagues to the Brain Wellness Spa, and through witnessing their success first-hand, she jumped at the opportunity to become a QNR™ Facilitator at the Brain Wellness Spa.

To build on her success as a QNR™ Facilitator, Deana continues to receive mentoring and training from Terri Bowman and is currently completing a Diploma in Counselling. Along with this, she has completed many Landmark Worldwide courses, including the Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, Integrity Seminar Program and Access to Power.

Deana is extremely passionate about QNR™, the services offered at the Brain Wellness Spa, and the fantastic results her clients have received to date. She is here to assist you with your mental health needs, whatever they may be.

Ultimately, Deana always has her clients’ best interests at heart, and all she wants is to see them succeed in living a rich, fulfilling and happy life, free from the constraints of mental health issues.