Aoife Connolly ( pronounced: EE-fa )

Aoife has a strong personal connection to helping people with mental health issues which makes her an ideal BWS facilitator. She grew up in a tumultuous family dynamic where there were addiction and depression issues. So, she has an affinity for people going through tough times in their lives.

Finding the Brain Wellness Spa was an amazing experience for Aoife. She moved from her home in Ireland 7 years ago to concentrate on her own mental health while also working with vulnerable people. The program was exactly what she needed to help her manage her emotions in a healthy way. It helps support people accept their lives and make the changes they want to make. Working with the professionals at the Brain Wellness Spa motivated her to become a BWS facilitator.

With a background working as a Lead Disability Support Worker in Perth for the last 7 years, Aoife looks forward to diversifying while still using her experience to help others from diverse backgrounds. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Studies. And furthering her professional skills, is working through a counselling and psychology course with the International Career Institute to give her even deeper insight into mental health issues.

Aoife’s compassionate, non-judgmental nature makes her naturally approachable and easy for clients to open up to about their mental health. And her own battle with mental health has proved invaluable, giving her a unique insight and natural empathy for those she works with to help.

Aoife says moving from Ireland and, “Being away from my nearest and dearest while working in an industry with people with disabilities has given me the best life experiences I could have asked for. I have met amazing people and helped them through struggles similar to my own but it has also helped me to learn more about struggles that were not relatable to me.”

With her understanding of mental health and how it affects people, Aoife naturally draws people to her because they feel comfortable opening up about their mental health.

Becoming a BWS facilitator is an exciting time for Aoife. She looks forward to working with the team at the Brain Wellness Spa to help the people who come to her.