Amanda Edmunds

Amanda is an approachable, caring and genuine QNR™ (Quantum Neuro Recoding) trained mental health practitioner, with extensive experience working with families in need.

Her genuine interest in people, capacity to be present and passion to help others thrive are just some of the many qualities she brings to her beautifully positive counselling relationships.

Amanda’s work with families involves developing and enhancing child and parent attachment by identifying systemic issues. Once identified, she provides holistic support through counselling, psycho-education, advocacy and referral into appropriate services where necessary.

Prior to joining the Brain Wellness Spa team, Amanda used her extensive experience and great love for helping others whilst practising as a family counsellor and family support worker over four years.

Amanda holds a Bachelor Degree of Counselling and is currently completing a post graduate training program in Gestalt Therapy, which has provided her with solid and unique skills and methods in exploring client experience and enhancing awareness.

As well as this, she has extensive training in other complementary skills such as Kinesiology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Amanda’s training and experience has enabled her to help children and their families overcome the impact of a wide range of issues, including post-natal depression, separation, domestic violence, addictions and sexual abuse.

Through Amanda’s experience and her own personal journey, she has found the healing modalities that bypass the conscious often seem to have the highest levels of effect, thus her keen interest in alternatives such as QNR™.

Since joining the Brain Wellness Spa team, Amanda has undergone intensive training with Terri Bowman and is now a highly skilled and qualified QNR™ Facilitator.

Amanda’s passion for helping others extends to any area of concern or difficulty.

Her areas of expertise however, lie in child development psycho-education support, complemented by strengths-based therapeutic interventions for parents and children under 12 years, in clinical outreach settings.