Allison Lord

Allison is a kind, caring and dedicated QNR™ (Quantum Neuro Recoding) trained mental health practitioner, with extensive experience in the areas of counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, life coaching, stress management and meditation.

Her keen interest in and passion for meditation and the power of our minds grew substantially through five years of yoga practice. It was during this time that Allison made the conscious decision to become a yoga teacher and in 2008 began her hypnotherapy journey, by undertaking training at the Australian Academy of Hypnosis.

Prior to joining the Brain Wellness Spa team, Allison worked in her own practice, where she realised her true passion and dedication to the art of helping others.  She did this in the form of counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, life coaching, stress management, meditation and yoga teaching for almost ten years. Now, Brain Wellness Spa clients are also able to truly benefit from her many years of experience and training.  Her passion for empowering people to make positive changes, reach their goals and increase their quality of life is what drives her every day, to help so many individuals live life to their full potential.

Allison holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and a Diploma in Life Coaching in the Specialty Streams of Health & Wellness and Life Cycle Coaching.  She is currently completing Bachelor Degrees in both Social Work and Counselling, so that she can become even better equipped to help you live your life for the better.

Since joining the Brain Wellness Spa team, Allison has undergone intensive training with Terri Bowman to become a highly skilled and qualified QNR™ Facilitator.

Allison is ready and available to assist you, whatever your needs may be.  However, her areas of expertise are stress, anxiety, weight management, phobias, self-esteem, motivation and depression.