A Sanctuary that will help you heal from your past and free you to embrace a new future.

Welcome to the Brain Wellness Spa, an oasis to enhance mental wellbeing that is located just off the freeway in Stirling, Western Australia.

Owned and operated by its founder, Terri
Bowman and her team of facilitators – the Brain Wellness Spa is a sanctuary that offers an environment,
where you can come to relax and begin to heal from the emotional and psychological problems of your past.

What you’ll discover at the Brain Wellness Spa is a safe haven, that offers a personalized face-to-face experience the trained facilitators who can deliver measurable results to you.

For those not able to visit our spa personally we also offer virtual sessions.

Based on our client surveys, 97.4% of people who experience our mental wellbeing programs, complete their initial 1-hour session with a sense of feeling calm,
relaxed, peaceful, and neutral towards their mental and emotional problems.

The Brain Wellness approach to mental wellbeing and emotional challenges utilizes a natural technique, with the range of programs offered designed to help you find relief from mental health issues, such as; anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger and PTSD.

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Our Very Unique Approach

After training in the UK and Germany on a modality, which worked on changing beliefs and perceptions in 2006, Terri Bowman discovered a passion for helping people with mental illness.

This experience created a foundation from which she developed her skillset which has now been applied with success on thousands of clients.

The effectiveness of this process involves an engagement with the unconscious part of the
Brain, through the use of positive auditory stimuli, a
technique that attempts to work on the unconscious brain (your automatic brain), whilst you are in a state of relaxation throughout your mental wellness session.

The Emotional Empowerment Program

Our signature program is the Emotional Empowerment Program, which consists of 14 sessions. (4 more sessions are required in some cases). The first ten sessions address all of your triggers and the next four sessions work on your sabotaging patterns of behaviour.


Client Testimonials

Sometimes seeking some help can change our lives! Let’s hear what some of the former clients of the Brain Wellness Spa have to say after watching the Taboo of the Broken Brain documentary. Listen to how the Brain Wellness Spa was able to help them through their mental struggles and what did they think about the documentary.

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Can alternative natural methods help 3 young and troubled Australians reclaim their Mental Health?

Inspired by Terri Bowman, here is a thought-provoking documentary to demystify the myth that anyone can use natural methods to assist those with mental illness.

Our Ground-Breaking Documentary, settle in, grab a coffee, watch this Life-Changing film, and Get Inspired Today

Experience Self-paced, Non-intrusive Healing

What our clients love most about their sessions is that they don’t have to rehash their past and drag up traumatic memories over and over again, in
order to get relief from their past.

Each session that a client experiences is calming, relaxing, nurturing and non-invasive.

In addition, we offer complimentary pre-session audios that can be accessed between sessions, and that are conveniently delivered via email. These audios help to prepare your brain for a more successful result on the day of your session. Many clients have found relief from their daily stresses, when using these pre-session audios between their weekly sessions.

Once you complete your Brain Wellness Spa program, you can access an App that we have created. On the app you will find many audios that will help you to maintain your brain whilst strengthening your mind and emotions, so that you may better able to cope with your daily challenges.

A World’s First

The Brain Wellness Spa is a ‘World First’ in the way we help people to reach their emotional potential. We aim to get you there in just 14 sessions.

The simplicity of our program is what makes it unique. When you come to the Brain Wellness Spa, you will walk into a calming and safe environment, where a dedicated facilitator will engage with you, to understand what you feel you need and then you lie back on a custom-made recliner chair with an eye mask and noise cancelling headphones. These are specifically designed to hopefully make the changes that are needed to help you to live a full, happier and more joyful life

The positive auditory stimuli technique also aims to help our clients to become more resilient – so their brains can cope with the stress of their lives and the pressures of the 21st century.

Don’t live in Perth? Not a problem…

If you do not live in Perth or cannot access the Brain Wellness Spa in person, then the good news is that we have created an effective experience for you online, one that you can access anytime, and from anywhere in the world. Our professionally guided virtual sessions are just as successful, as our face-to-face sessions!

Harness the Power of Recovery Sleep

At the Brain Wellness Spa, we also aim to help people get into recovery sleep. Its helpful to understand that falling into bed
exhausted and waking up exhausted, is a good indicator that you have not accessed
recovery sleep.

Recovery sleep is the type of sleep that you experience when your brain is getting
the correct sleep, a period of seven or more hours from which you feel rested and energised when you wake up in the morning.

Please click the link below to watch a video of our Stirling facility and discover what you’d experience from your session

Welcome to our Brain Wellness Spa Knowledge Centre


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Listen to Nathan’s Transformation

Before I found Terri and the Brain Wellness Spa, I had spent an absolute fortune on treatments that simply did not work. I got to the end of my tether. I realised I’d had enough; I couldn’t survive anymore. I was going to end it all.But I knew that I couldn’t leave my family behind, so I booked in straight away at the Brain Wellness Spa.The day after my first session all those negative voices in my head had gone. I kept going with the program and here I am. This approach is ffordable and effective, and I encourage you to try it. If you want to chat about my experience please call me on 0433004499 but please keep in mind I live in Perth, WA and be mindful of the time difference. ”

Nathan C.


Introductory Session

Brain wellness spa provides a safe, supportive and nurturing environment so you may heal from your mental illness in comfort