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Recent statistics from the Australia Department of Health reveals thatover 2.3 Million people in Australia suffer from anxiety disorders. And at avery personal level that means that their lives are constrained and theirfullest potential compromised.The Australia HeadSpace Organisation states that “anxiety is

The Australia HeadSpace Organisation states that “anxiety is a condition that is more than feeling stressed or worried. It is a mental condition that can come and go, but for some people, it can stick around for a long time and end up having a big impact on their daily life. When this happens, it might be time to do something about it.”

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Alleviate anxiety and enjoy the productive and happy life you deserve...starting today!

You too can now be like thousands of other Australians who have already benefited from our natura anxiety relieving technique…

How then does anxiety affect your life?

At the Brain Wellness Spa, we understand that anxiety can be a major cause of setbacks in your life. Without help it can paralyse your ability to embrace a fulfilling life. Through our work with thousands of clients we have evolved our unique technique so that it targets your unconscious brain with the purpose of changing the way you think, feel, behave, respond, react and perceive. The results from this approach speak for themselves with the majority of clients reporting an improvement in their recovery sleep, which is a precursor that may assist in reducing mental health challenges such as anxiety.

The impact of anxiety on a person’s life varies across individuals, but what can be observed as a generalized experience across most people is the way in which it hinders personal productivity and the capacity to perform regular daily activities within your workplace and by extension your personal life. Often you’ll find yourself unable to turn up for work or even relate normally with your work colleagues, friends or family.

Left untreated anxiety will have a profound effect on your daily mood, which if ignored for some time could start to impact your finances with the risk of job loss, but even more importantly daily anxiety can put under pressure those special family and friendship relationships..

Listen to Gordon’s Transformation

“I would pay it all over again. It was worth every penny. On a bad day I
would be very agitated and very angry about everyday occurrences. I’m
a truck driver and road rage I had to the maximum. Now, I don’t even.

My anger has gone. I still get upset at things but I’m able to cope with it
and process it so much easier. I’m back to what I was when I was
younger; I can keep everything together and actually speak about
things. Me and my wife, we speak about everything now and it’s so

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Your next step in recovering from anxiety...

Once you begin the journey aimed at recovering from anxiety, what you will discover is that the most important
step you must take is actually the hardest and most challenging…that is the ‘knowingness” that you may be
suffering from anxiety.

Why challenging? Well for many people facing the reality that they may be suffering from anxiety leads them down
a path of denial. No one wants to admit that they may have a mental health issue, particularly as the fear of
rejection from within one’s personal community can be quite debilitating..

But like all areas of mental health, solutions exist once the quest begins to find that solution.

Are you suffering from anxiety?

A good question to ask, and one that can be answered to some degreethrough consideration of these common anxiety symptoms:

  • Are you constantly feeling restless, keyed up, or on edge?
  • Are you easily fatigued and do you feel like your energy is easily drained?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating or dealing with racing thoughts?
  • Are you easily irritated by small things that otherwise wouldn’t affect you?)
  • Do you experience muscle tension?
  • Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep?
  • Do you have a racing heart or heart palpitations?
  • Are you often feeling breathless or struggling to breathe normally?
  • Do you constantly struggle to get chores done at home?
  • Do you regularly struggle to get tasks done at work?
  • Do you ever experience extreme fatigue?

Now there is some good news if you’ve now identified that anxiety may in
fact be impacting your daily life experience. Here at the Brain Wellness Spa,
we are skilled in helping you attain better mental health and relief from
anxiety. At our Spa in Stirling, Western Australia, our team of dedicated
facilitators are ready to help you.

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You can begin your healing journey from anxiety TODAY!

If you have had challenges in your life where you’ve been unable to
accomplish things because of your anxiety, then now is the time to change
that. There has never been a better time to get relief from your anxiety.
Make that move today, and contact us for help on 1300884348

Can alternative Natural Methods help 3 young and troubled Australians reclaim their Mental Health?

Inspired by our founder Terri Bowman, we created a thought-provoking documentary to demystify the myth that
natural methods to heal mental illness are unlikely to work. As you view these three courageous individuals, each
with challenging mental health issues, you’ll see for yourself the transformation from a more natural approach to
mental health issues.

Our Ground-Breaking Documentary, settle in, grab a coffee, watch this Life-Changing film, and Get Inspired Today

Don’t live in Perth? Not a problem…

If you do not live in Perth or cannot access the Brain Wellness Spa in person, we have created an effective experience for you online, that you can access anytime, from anywhere in the world. Our professionally guided virtual sessions are just as successful, as our face-toface sessions!

What can you expect from your first session?

Here at the Brain Wellness Spa, we believe that you can break the chains of anxiety in a very natural way, in a
setting that is conducive to a rewarding wellness experience.

  • On your first visit you’ll notice our spa is calm and welcoming, so you’ll be able to relax from the
    moment you step inside the tranquil, safe and private space we have created
  • Your one-on-one session is held in a private room with a facilitator.
  • The facilitator will explain exactly what our approach is, and how it could work to help reduce painful
    negative emotions, thinking patterns and behaviours, and to replace them with new, positive and empowering ones.
  • After your consultation you will then be ready for your first session – where you simply sit back, relax,
    put on your headphones and listen to relaxing music specially designed to calm you.
  • The facilitator will then go through our safe, natural and 100% drug free approach.
  • After your first session you may notice immediate improvements in your thinking, your emotions and your feelings. And if you decide to continue with the program, your clarity, calmness, optimism and energy for life may continue to increase over the coming sessions.
  • We aim to help clients feel free from their sabotaging patterns of behaviour, so they can make the necessary change to live a happier, more fulfilling and better life.

Client Testimonials

Sometimes seeking some help can change our lives! Let’s hear what
some of the former clients of the Brain Wellness Spa have to say after
watching the Taboo of the Broken Brain documentary. Listen to how the
Brain Wellness Spa was able to help them through their mental
struggles and what did they think about the documentary.

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Introductory Session

Brain wellness spa provides a safe, supportive and nurturing environment so you may heal from your mental illness in comfort