Controlling your anger will change your life...

Over the past 15 years the team here at the Brain Wellness Spa
have helped thousands of people in their personal journeys to
improve their mental health. In that time, we have encountered
numerous clients whose lives have been devastated by anger and
the resulting consequences.

Their stories have been both shocking as much as inspiring. They
have shared stories of how their lives deteriorated, of how in some
cases their families abandoned them, and in others where their
business relationships had soured…all a result of unmanaged
anger. And for many it all happened in the blink of an eye…one
uncontrolled outburst of anger and life began unravelling.

This is shared not to scare you. Rather it is to give you hope. You
are not alone in having these experiences. And there are
solutions. We do understand that at some point you have
experienced a moment of anger, you then overreacted and your
actions most likely impacted someone you care about.

It could have been something as impulsive as shouting at your
kids at the end of a long day, an action that could have well left
them traumatized. Or perhaps a significant business decision
that went pear shaped, costing you many dollars….and you
exploding emotionally as a result. Regardless of the stimulus to
your anger outburst, at the end of the day you know that things
could have turned out better if you had emotional control over

Of course, it does not have to be this way. You have found your
way to the Brain Wellness Spa and we are ready to get to work in
helping you to address the emotional impacts that surround
unchecked anger.

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How would it feel to take control of your anger and get back your life!

Imagine for a moment how it would feel to release yourself from the shackles of anger…to be able to live a
life freed from the devastating effects of uncontrollable anger!

What is anger?

Wikipedia defines anger as an emotion that impairs one’s ability to process
information and to exert cognitive control over one’s behavior.

In addition…

  • Anger can be a positive and useful emotion, if it is expressed appropriately.
  • Anger has a strong physical component…
  • Anger is not a problem unless it is expressed in a harmful way.

Now whilst anger is often viewed as a complicated emotion, what is well
known is that the first stages of an anger experience are often triggered by
the emotional pain associated with loss or rejection. This initial experience
fully charged with emotion often then transitions to an expression of anger
through a physical manifestation. It is this physical agitation that often
results in serious consequences when fully expressed.

Left untreated or unmanaged a person’s anger outbursts can grow in
intensity, leaving those close to that person vulnerable to verbal, and
possibly physical harm. Maintaining viable personal and family relationships
is challenging to say the least with someone with anger management

Listen to Nikola’s Transformation

“The Intro session at the Brain Wellness Spa was the best thing that I
ever did. The weight off my shoulders was amazing and that’s why I
chose to come back. I was able to go shopping without having an
anxiety attack in the middle of the shopping centre and that was a
really big thing for me. I have tried many things in my young life and this
is the only thing that has actually stuck and helped me feel better. I
haven’t gone back to that horrible place that I was in and I do not think I
will go back there, not if I keep on top of it. The money was a big thing for
me but the way I felt after that first session, I would have gone without
everything to make sure that I could get back here and keep feeling that

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What causes your Anger?

It is important to note that anger is different for everyone. What triggers
anger in you, may not be the same for others. When you react
inappropriately, it is destructive to both you and those around you. Left
unaddressed your anger could lead to arguments, physical or verbal abuse,
assault, and perhaps even self-harm..

Anger and aggression can be expressed in three ways – outward, inward, or

An outward expression of anger is quite obvious. It is seen in behavior such
as shouting, cursing, the throwing or breaking of things, or being physically
or verbally abusive toward others.

By contrast an inward anger experience is directed at oneself, and usually
engages negative self-talk, denying yourself things that make you happy
and at times even the most basic needs such as food. Left unchecked it
may lead to self-harm or the isolating of oneself from the proximity of

And to the third expression…that of passive anger, which can be
experienced through someone giving the silent treatment, or perhaps
sulking, being sarcastic or even making snide remarks.

How do you know if you have anger issues?

To answer that here are some questions for you to consider…

  • Anger can be a positive and useful emotion, if it is expressed appropriately.
  • Anger has a strong physical component…
  • Anger is not a problem unless it is expressed in a harmful way.
  • Anger can be a positive and useful emotion, if it is expressed appropriately.
  • Anger has a strong physical component…
  • Anger is not a problem unless it is expressed in a harmful way.

Good questions to consider and to reflect upon. Once you have an emotional awareness that anger is indeed impacting the quality of your life and your key personal relationships it is time to do something positive about it…not next month or next year…BUT NOW!

You can take charge of your anger issues TODAY…

The good news is that there are many ways for you to become the master of
your anger…and it begins today if that is your chosen path!

Here at the Brain Wellness Spa, we employ a natural approach that uses a
very unique technique that has been developed over the past 15 years.
Without going to deep in explanation, the results we seek for you are
facilitated through an auditory stimuli process, which seeks to connect with
the multisensory, non-verbal communicative nature of the unconscious
brain, with the purpose of impacting the way one thinks, feels, behaves,
responds, reacts, and perceives.

The outcomes from this approach speak for themselves, with the majority
of clients reporting an improvement in their recovery sleep, which is a
precursor that may assist in reducing the mental health challenges
associated with anger.

From our work we can identify that 97.4% of our clients that are
experiencing anger issues feel a noticeable change after their first session
at the Brain Wellness Spa.

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You can begin your healing journey from anger TODAY!

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with challenging mental health issues, you’ll see for yourself the transformation from a more natural approach to
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Don’t live in Perth? Not a problem…

If you do not live in Perth or cannot access the Brain Wellness Spa in person, we have created an effective experience for you online, that you can access anytime, from anywhere in the world. Our professionally guided virtual sessions are just as successful, as our face-toface sessions!

What can you expect from your first session?

Here at the Brain Wellness Spa, we believe that you deserve to be able to live a life free from the turmoil of
anger. Once you step into our Spa, you will start to experience an environment that is conducive to excellent
mental wellbeing.

It will be different though, so here is a little of what you can expect.

  • Once you arrive, you will notice that our spa is calm and welcoming, so you will be able to relax from
    the moment you step inside the tranquil, safe, and private space we have created.
  • Your personalized one-on-one session is held in a private room with an experienced facilitator. You
    can be reassured too that you will not be required to discuss anything about your past if you do not
    want to. We want to help you heal from your painful memories and we think that revisiting your
    past is not necessary in achieving a great outcome
  • Your facilitator will explain in detail the approach that will be taken, and how the technique that we
    use could work to help reduce your painful negative emotions, thinking patterns and behaviors,
    whilst replacing them with new, positive, and empowering ones.
  • Once your initial consultation is complete, you will be ready for your first session. Your facilitator will
    have you sit back in our super-comfy chairs, they will get you to pop on a set of headphones so that
    you can listen to the relaxing music that we have tailored specially to provide a calming
    environment…and then just relax!
  • As you lie there relaxing to the soft music your facilitator will take you through our safe, natural and
    100% drug free approach, an approach that may well relieve your anger.
  • Following your first session you may notice immediate improvements in your thinking, your
    emotions, and your feelings. At this point you will have the option to continue with the full program
    over subsequent weeks with your clarity, calmness, optimism, and energy for life likely to continue to
    increase over these subsequent sessions.
  • Throughout your program sessions it will always be our aim to help you to gain a sense of freedom
    from your sabotaging patterns of behavior so that you can make the necessary changes to live a
    happier and better life.

Client Testimonials

Sometimes seeking some help can change our lives! Let’s hear what
some of the former clients of the Brain Wellness Spa have to say after
watching the Taboo of the Broken Brain documentary. Listen to how the
Brain Wellness Spa was able to help them through their mental
struggles and what did they think about the documentary.

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