Who does it affect

While different mental health disorders affect individuals differently, some demographics are more prone to certain mental health challenges due to stressful environments


Most men tend to hold back their feelings which makes them vulnerable to sudden outbursts of emotions such as anger.


Teenagers face tough times while going through puberty, school or uni. Majority of mental health disorders happen before the age of 25

FIFO Workers

FIFO work can be rewarding financially, it’s also shown to increase the likelihood of developing mental illness & relationship breakdowns

LGBTIQ+, & bodily, gender & sexually diverse people

Realising and coming out as a Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, or LGBTIQ+, can be emotionally challenging. This stress may give rise to mental illness


Most women tend to prioritise others’ needs over their own, which is why they are more prone to challenges like depression, anxiety and stress

Choose a Pathway That Aligns With Your Ideal Transformation

Emotional Empowerment Program

Our core emotional empowerment program consists of 14 sessions in which through our process of aiming to reduce your mental & emotional suffering and destructive habits to reclaim their happiness, mental clarity and self-confidence.

Not only that we attempt strengthen the positive aspects of your mental wellbeing so you can enjoy the happier and healthier lifestyle,

When you are open to the program, it could help you shift from suffering to finding inner peace. You could have more control over how you think and feel, and your emotions.

We also do not require you to relive past, painful experiences, you simply come in, sit back, relax, pop on your headphones and let your facilitator assist you to feel happier and more contented.

We are currently offering a $49 introductory session to the EEP. This is designed to save you time and money by ensuring the EEP works for you before you commit to the full program.

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Membership Program

Do you want to feel like you may be able to overcome life’s hurdles and improve your mental wellbeing?

Manage your mental & emotional health and improve your self-development in the comfort of your home with our membership program

Get access to 85+ audios designed to help you with a wide range of emotional challenges. You can create personalised playlist in your subscribed account.

Whether you are travelling the world or at home on your couch, our audio programs can help you to feel calmer, happier, more confident and stress free.

Simply signup online in minutes and you’ll start enjoying the proprietary technique developed by Terri Bowman (our founder) more than 14 years ago which has helped people like you to live inspired.

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25 mins Free Consultation

In case you’re not sure whether you need help & support for your mental & emotional wellbeing,you can take a 25 min free session with our founder Terri Bowmen.

There we’ll try to ascertain the current situation of your mental & emotional wellness and discuss all possible solutions.

After our consultation and after a few weeks of using our drug free proprietary technique you may;

  • Experience improvements in recovery sleep
  • Experience reduced stress
  • Experience reduced anxiety, depression, anger and PTSD
  • Become more productive at work
    Have more to give to your family and friends
  • Have way more confidence in yourself
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Unstoppable You Program

This program aims to unlock your hidden potential by helping you to overcome internal and external challenges and achieve your most important life goals to live a life of abundance and happiness.

By delving into layers upon layers of condition memory, the Unstoppable You program assists in allowing your brain to operate at its full capacity.

Unstoppable You is a comprehensive mindset shifting program, which aims to counteract your brain’s natural tendency toward lack mentality, burnout and unhelpful thoughts.

Completing Unstoppable You may assist in attuning your brain to work on what it can control and ignore what you cannot. Program participants say it gives you clarity to grow your business to achieve your goals without self-limiting doubt and hesitation.

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The Brain Wellness Spa Difference

Using our drug free proprietary technique we attempt to remove your negative thoughts, emotions as well as your destructive behaviour and create positive ones. Our result-oriented program aims to help you think and behave in a healthier and happier way. In fact, 97.4%* Our clients feel immediate relief after their very first session.

Here are some of our key features:


Drug-Free Proprietary Technique


Consistently Measured Results


Programs Tailored for Your Needs


Help You Overcome Painful Past Experience


Calming Atmosphere


Compassionate Facilitators

Client Statistics

The following graph shows self-reported data of over 2000 clients’ responses about their satisfaction with the Introductory Session. The good news is that 97.5% of our clients feel a noticeable difference at the end of their first session and are satisfied with the session.


The following graph shows the percentage improvement of indicator scores of over 300 clients’ responses as they progress through their emotional empowerment session journey. On average, our clients witnessed above 73% improvement in the indicator scores in comparison with the scores they reported before starting the program.


The following graph shows self-reported data of over 2000 clients’ responses about how they felt before and after the Introductory session. The good news is that the majority of our clients feel a noticeable difference at the end of their first session.


How Does Our Program Work?

Using our proprietary technique we attempt to communicate with the unconscious part of the brain responsible for your negative mindset and behaviour. With help of completely safe audio stimuli we try replace those negative thoughts, feeling and emotions with positive ones so that you may be relieved from the troubling mental health challenge and start living inspired,


Our Very Unique Approach

After training in the UK and Germany on a modality, which worked on changing beliefs and perceptions in 2006, Terri Bowman discovered a passion for helping people with mental illness.

This experience created a foundation from which she developed her skills which has now been applied with success on thousands of clients

The effectiveness of this process involves an engagement with the unconscious part of the Brain, through the use of positive auditory stimuli, a technique that attempts to work on the unconscious brain (your automatic brain), whilst you are in a state of relaxation throughout your mental wellness session.

World’s First

The Brain Wellness Spa is a ‘World First’ in the way we help people to reach their emotional potential. We aim to get you there in just 14 sessions.

The simplicity of our program is what makes it unique. When you come to the Brain Wellness Spa, you will walk into a calming and safe environment, where a dedicated facilitator will engage with you, to understand what you feel you need and then you lie back on a custom made recliner chair with an eye mask and noise cancelling headphones.

The positive auditory stimuli technique aims to help our clients to become more resilient and emotionally stronger – so their brains can cope with the stress of their lives and the pressures of the 21st century.


What Will Your Experience Look Like?


Listen Transformation Story

Understanding The Taboo of the Broken Brain (Trailer)

Can alternative methods help three young Australians reclaim their minds from the clutches of mental health problems?

Embark on a journey that follows three young Australians who are making a final and desperate attempt to get control of their minds. Watch the trailer (5 mins)

Witness the Power of Our Proprietary Technique - Emotional Empowerment Program

Find out how effective our Emotional Empowerment Program is in relieving mental health challenges.

In this compelling documentary we delve into the minds of three young Australians and attempt to heal their minds using alternative methods. Watch the doco (55 mins)



“This really was the last kind of option for me, so I gave it a go and it was the best decision that I’ve ever made. I’m living my best life. It’s the little daily things, like catching up ...


Nathan C

“Before I found Terri and the Brain Wellness Spa, I had spent an absolute fortune on treatments that simply did not work. I got to the end of my tether. I realised I’d had enough; I couldn’t ...


Jasmine B

“I feel like I can see clearly, my head doesn’t talk to me. I just feel like a different person. Brain Wellness Spa was another way of helping me deal with my anxiety without having to tell my ...

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Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

Join us on the journey towards mental & emotional transformation. We make sure that all your progress gets recorded so you can see for yourself how much you have improved.

Our $49 special introductory session is designed to see if the program is suitable for you and to book in an individualised program based on your needs.

We tailor a program that is right for you based on what issues you are facing, or the aspects of yourself you would like to focus on.


    Try our introductory 'Experience Session' today,
    for just $49 (normally $220).

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Rebecca Harrison

The Brain Wellness Spa has helped me to live a life I never imagined possible

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