Tens Of Thousands Of People Are Now Living Happier, Healthier Lives

For over 13 years our Emotional Empowerment Program has been improving the lives of people suffering with a wide range of mental illness, including anxiety, depression, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar, insomnia, stress, low self-esteem and confidence, postnatal depression, drug addiction and schizophrenia.

Even lifelong sufferers, who have tried many traditional options and believed there was nothing that could help them and had given up on life, now have relief from their past mental health challenges and are living fulfilling, happy lives.

Real Life Stories From Past Clients Suffering Anxiety

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Finally, A Rapid, Yet Long Lasting Solution To Mental Illness

Suffering with mental illness can affect every area of your life, and when you search time after time to find a lasting solution without success it can feel like nothing will ever be able to help you feel at peace, happy and in control of yourself again. Each morning it is a struggle to get out of bed and even everyday conversations, social situations and tasks seem to create intense internal struggle, discomfort and volatile emotional reactions. But for more than thirty thousand Brain Wellness Spa clients, this daily struggle is a thing of the past.

Through the Emotional Empowerment Program, clients who have previously tried other traditional mental illness treatments and medications without success are finding peace and happiness. The relief is immediate, yet long lasting, and by the end of the 12th session you will be free from the emotional pain, exhaustion and internal conflict that has been controlling your life.

We understand these claims can be hard to believe after suffering for so long and trying so many treatments in the past. Try our introductory “Experience Session” today, including a QNR treatment and consultation, for just $79 and normally $220. Experience the difference today so you can feel the benefits of what QNR can do for you.



How The Emotional Empowerment Program Works

The Emotional Empowerment Program utilises a revolutionary and proprietary technology Quantum Neuro Recoding (QNR) to rapidly alleviate the symptoms and root causes of all types of mental illness.

This 100% safe, proven, drug-free and non-invasive therapy quickly and naturally promotes the removal of negative emotions, feelings, thoughts, and sensations from our brain, and replaces them with positive, more empowering ones. Your brain will remember how to be happy and at peace once again.

Because QNR works by communicating directly with your unconscious brain, getting the long-term relief you desire requires no significant effort from you. We also do not require you to relive past, painful experiences in order to remove the painful memories and emotions associated with these experiences. You simply come in, sit back, relax, pop on your headphones and let your experienced and trained QNR practitioners help you feel good again.

12 Sessions Of The Emotional EmpowermentProgram:

Every session of the Emotional Empowerment Program is 100% focused on delivering tangible, practical results that you will feel immediately. No ongoing, open-ended therapy that costs a fortune, does not fix what is wrong and creates more pain by digging up traumatic past memories – just more joy, happiness and contentment from your very first session.

Session 1:    Strengthen the Foundations of Your Brain

Session 2:    Overcoming Genetic Fears

Session 3:    Changing Your Mindset To Be Open For Change

Session 4:    Replacing Negative Bias with Positivity

Session 5:    Aligning Beliefs and Values

Session 6:    Stories of the Mind

Session 7:    Childhood Insecurities

Session 8:    Improving Perceptions

Session 9:    Conception until Present Time

Session 10:    Genetic Mental Illness and Money Stress

Session 11:    Emotional Patterns of Behaviour

Session 12:    Emotional Intelligence, Certainty about the Future, and Locking in Your New, Positive Behaviours