Depression  Treatment

How Rebecca Stopped Depression In Its Tracks By Visiting Our “Brain Spa”

98% Of People Feel Noticeably Better After Their First Treatment Alone
(Based On 10 Indicators)…

Then you know how crippling it can be: Your brain is not on solid ground and things are shaky. Wondering what the point is. You don’t necessarily want to die, but you want to have never existed. Sometimes even doing basic things like putting your socks on or making a simple cup of tea can feel like too much. 

It’s emotional torture. It can also be physical, your body’s not tired – but your mind is. This can have a devastating effect on you and the people who care about you. 

Hard to exist in that reality. 

That’s why the news of the breakthrough I am about to reveal could have a life changing effect for you. No exaggeration.

Hi, I’m Terri Bowman, owner of the Brain Wellness Spa. Over the last 14 years I’ve been a maverick. I personally developed a groundbreaking non-invasive treatment for depression. One that talks directly to the negative thought patterns in your unconscious brain. 

Best of all, my treatment has already helped many thousands of clients right here in Perth

Most alternative solutions and treatments are still trying the same things. Or worse… they don’t know how to deal with your specific situation. This can make you feel like expensive, dangerous and ineffective drugs are your only option.

Crazy, right?

That’s why I’d like to tell you about Rebecca…

It started when she wanted to commit suicide on her 30th birthday…

20 years of suffering…

Rebecca was no stranger to mental health issues. She grappled with them for 20 long years. It wasn’t just depression… there was suicidal ideation and self harm too. A lot for anyone to deal with. 

She would try and hold it together for work. Waking up every morning on cue… dressing well… putting her makeup on… making that dreaded drive into the office. When she got there she felt like she had to put on a brave face. Be the one to make everyone smile. 

Silently, she was crumbling inside. As soon as the workday finished she would strip off into pyjamas and cry herself to sleep. That was her daily ritual. One that went on for years. 

The negative self talk was unrelenting. On top of that she constantly berated herself. Felt like she wasn’t good enough. By the end she wanted to die. In her words, “I just couldn’t see a way out”. 

I wasn’t like she hadn’t tried to find one. She did. She had YEARS of other treatment under her helt. She did try – no one can question that. Which is why on her 30th Birthday she told her mother the following…

“I can’t do this anymore. If this doesn’t
work I’m going to kill myself”

The “this” she is talking about is a session at my Brain Wellness Spa. If it didn’t work she was going to kill herself. She’d tried other treatments and therapies before. Ours was the final one she was prepared to do. 

When she came in I was unaware that was the case. If I knew I would have felt immense pressure because….

Our Spa was her “last option”. Those are her words.

She’d been burned before and didn’t want to experience the trauma of going back into that deep dark place.

Did our treatment work?

I’m glad (and relieved) to say it did!

After her first session she couldn’t even explain how she felt. She described it as “walked out on a cloud”. It was the first time she was REALLY free from all the pesky mind chatter. 

The program she took lasted 13 weeks. One hour a week. That’s thirteen hours in total. When you consider the years of therapy she’s undergone it’s pretty impressive.

In her words:

“I’ve had mental health issues for over 20 years and essentially this has been fixed in 13 hours. I mean, I’ve had years of therapy, years, and within 13 hours I feel like a new person. Where else can you go where that happens?”

She didn’t have full freedom until she visited the Brain Wellness Spa. Now, she is finally able to do things most people take for granted. Simple things like meeting up with her friends and going shopping. She doesn’t have to miss out anymore. Rebecca is empowered to actually live her best life. 

“It’s given me a second chance”

Witness her full transformation below…

What caused this amazing transformation in Rebecca? Nothing crazy. Just pure logic…

The placebo effect has been scientifically proven beyond doubt. It demonstrates the power your thoughts have over your physical body. 

That’s only the beginning. 

If positive thoughts can have a positive effect on your body (i.e. placebo)… Then won’t negative thoughts have a negative effect on your body?

Well, they do!

When you’re wrapped in negative thinking and stress… stress hormones can get released!

Safe to say, that’s not the best thing for your mood. 

Negative thinking and stress happen on autopilot. As a byproduct of living in the modern world. The following things are normal…

  • Anticipating the worst case scenario
  • Worrying about the future
  • Doubt yourself
  • Fearing the unknown
  • Getting angry because things haven’t worked out in a specific way

But doing more of the above isn’t helpful at all. People react differently to stress. Some people handle it like it’s no big deal. They float through the world without a care. Yet, for others stress and rumination weigh a bit heavier on them.

Are you plagued by worry, rumination and doubt?

Well, visiting my Brain Wellness Spa could finally help you break that loop.

Like it helped Latham for example…

Latham’s mind took him into the dark pit of suicidal thoughts. They dragged him down there kicking and screaming. Against his will.

Even though he thought about suicide… luckily he never acted upon it. Latham understands why people do consider it, because there were times when those thoughts consumed him.

Before he tried our treatment he thought “this is isn’t going to do much”. He didn’t even “have much faith in the process”. Yet by the end of the treatment he said it…

“Completely changed me as a person”.

As you can see our treatment healed his brain. And it doesn’t stop there…

Life is full of rough patches. You can be up one minute and down the next. If you find yourself in rough patch there is still hope. There is no need to make that deep dark place your new home. 

Katrina found herself in that exact situation. She got hit with many major life events at one time. Personal issues, relationship issues, career stuff. 

It can happen to anyone. 

If the same thing happens to you… do you know how to get out?

Luckily for Katrina getting out was easy. Here’s how she did it…

Katrina’s energy and focus on her career (after our sessions) is the highest it’s ever been. She even managed to land her “dream job”. She described our treatment as…

“Life changing and life saving”.

All these results came from our safe, non-intrusive, 100% natural treatment. 98% of people feel noticeably better after their first treatment alone (Based On 10 Indicators)…

These sessions usually cost $220. But you are not going to pay that if you buy it today.

I want to give you the opportunity to take that first session at a reduced price. You need to FEEL the effect for yourself. Once you do, I’m confident you’ll truly believe in the power of this. 

When you buy today your first session will only cost $79.

That’s a 64% discount. 

Now, I can’t offer this price forever. Because my spa fills tend to fill up quite quickly. Once it does I’ll need to shift our focus to our existing clients. 

This deal WON’T last forever. 

You can start the process of breaking free from depression by taking me up on this special offer. 

All you need to do is click the button below…

Special Offer – $79 First Session

Curious what your first session will be like?

It’ll be painless…

Youll be greeted by a compassionate, empathetic and understanding QNR practitioner. 

Youll be shown to a safe and comfortable private room.

We will ask you to share information about your mental health history. (Only what you are comfortable disclosing).

The practitioner is trained to identify underlying issues. Ones that can cause ineffective brain behaviour. 

After the evaluation, the practitioner will explain their findings to you.

Nothing too intense.

You won’t have to dig up painful or traumatic experiences like other programs. You don’t even have to talk about the past if you don’t want to.

Sounds ok – right? Relaxed. Chilled. No Pressure.

For a limited time, your first session is only $79 instead of $220.

That’s less than a massage.

And obviously FAR cheaper than most other alternatives.

If you are ready to try and break out of the cycle of anxiety we are here to help you.

Now you’ve heard all the information you’re at a crossroads. You have three basic options…

[1] You can choose to do nothing and continue living with depression. Hoping that it goes away on its own somehow.

[2] You can choose to try other treatments. Or things that simply mask the underlying problem.

[3] You can choose to take a “leap of faith” and book your discount session with us for $79, now, today. 98% of our clients (based on 10 indicators) have a significant improvement in symptoms after their first session alone. You could be one of them…

Don’t miss that opportunity.

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Special Offer – $79 First Session

Special Offer – $79 First Session