Mary*, age 48, was diagnosed with Cerebellar Atrophy about two years ago and had developed severe anxiety in regard to the condition. Cerebellar Atrophy, is a degenerative process which causes neurons in the cerebellum – the area of the brain that controls coordination and balance to deteriorate and die.

The diagnosis turned a once happy, fun-loving and go-getting Mary into a nervous hermit. She was scared to leave the house, fearful of falling over in public and afraid of being judged by other people. Mary had previously been the life of the party, but since her diagnosis she felt trapped – she avoided social events and places with big crowds of people. The illness, rather the anxiety associated to the illness, began to control her life.
Mary came to Brain Wellness Spa when she realised she had enough of living in fear and wanted to claim her life back. I worked with Mary through the Emotional Empowerment Program and Acing Acceptance. By session 4, Mary said she “felt like one million bucks”, all her emotional indicators had dropped by more than 50 percent, and as the weeks progressed she was feeling more and more confident.

Mary feels like she is in control of her life again and no longer experiences the fears that once held her back. The Emotional Empowerment Program and Acing Acceptance were able to give Mary back her confidence, happiness and happy-go-lucky attitude that she missed so desperately.