Lainey’s Life of Stress, Burnout and Unhappiness

Lainey presented at the Brain Wellness Spa in a state of burnout. Feeling stressed all the time. Finding it difficult to carry out day to day activities due to sheer overwhelm. Lainey felt that she was “ dropping the ball” both at home and at work which constantly left her feeling disappointed in herself and feeling more overwhelmed.
Lainey found herself being very reactive most of the time, particularly with those closest to her. Lainey’s scores for anger and emotional reactivity were very high. Lainey’s overall perceptions were found to be unhealthy.
Lainey wished to find some peace in her head space and gain a sense of relaxation in both body and mind. Wanting to be more carefree and enjoy life without the constant negative chatter and past issues driving behaviours. Lainey felt very trapped by past experiences and had experienced a lot of loss and trauma from an early age.
Lainey commenced the grief and loss program. Lainey felt a sense of peace and calm from the get go. When she found, what she described as old patterns or ways of being creeping back in, she didn’t stay there for long and was able to bounce back quicker.
By session 4 Lainey’s results showed the following…
These are just some of Lainey’s scores not all of her indicators.
Stress: 8- 2
Feeling Flat: 9- 2
Moods: 8- 2
Tension: 8- 2
Worry: 7- 2
Confusion: 7- 0
Loss of Clarity: 7
Fatigue: 8- 1
Anger: 7-2
Emotionally Reactive: 8-2
Negative Thoughts: 6-1
Lainey Found it quite difficult to just stop and just be in her own company when first starting here. This has gotten significantly easier for Lainey. In addition Lainey has started to do more things for herself in terms of hobbies and self care.
By session 7 Lainey’s perceptions had completely shifted. Goals were being achieved and calmness of mind was more of a constant than not .
Lainey is just over half way through her journey with us.