Jenny’s Burnout

Jenny presented at the Brain Wellness Spa due to feeling that she was burnt out; no energy no motivation and sheer mental exhaustion.
Jenny runs her own business and, with this, sees herself in constant stress. Jenny is overrun with financial issues, family stress and pressure which has been impacting the relationships within her household and Jenny’s overall well-being.
Jenny commenced the empowerment program with an additional session of trauma and loss. She did a combination of phone and in person sessions through her BWS journey. Jenny’s goals were to clear space in her mindset and drop the constant stress that seemed to chase her.
Jenny’s journey started quite slowly. It was quite rocky to start with. Jenny experienced bouts of illness impacting how she felt in between sessions.
It wasn’t until Session five that Jenny saw a turn around in how she was feeling. Jenny reported feeling overall better than what she was. Prior to this Jenny commenced use of both the home maintenance program and the anxiety program to support her in between, given the high stress in her environment .
Jenny began waking in the morning with a slower and quieter mind to what she was previously used to. It was around this time that Jenny committed to putting herself first. This was hard for Jenny to do, but what she realised over time was that by doing this, she was able to “be there” for the significants in her life.
Though there were lots of environmental stress in Jenny’s life by session 8 she found that she was more balanced and in a much more peaceful state of mind. Her mindset had completely shifted. Thinking was much more practical and positive.
By session 12 Jenny was thinking more clearly and generally feeling less stressed.
Jenny came to BWS in a state of burnout, and finished up with her mind being much more clear calm and balanced. The environmental stress had not changed but how Jenny responded to this helped her immensely.
Jenny is happy with her progress and what she has achievement through the program.