Jason presented at BWS after going through many transitions over the last eight months. From moving home, leaving family, and a change in jobs to embarking on a new relationship. Though all these changes were positive, they created a sense of overwhelm. Self esteem and confidence had plummeted and anger and irritability were high.
Jason’s moods had gotten him to a place of concern as he felt they controlled him and he was unable to get a sense of balance .
Jason wished to not be so snappy and anxious over small things, as these were effecting his sense of self and how he related with others, particularly his new partner.
Indicator measures from the first session
  • Anger 9, Agression 9,
  • Emotional reactivity 9, frustration 10 ,
  • Negative thoughts 9
  • Worry, 8, insomnia 8, anxiety 8
There was a significant difference in how Jason felt in response to these measures following the first session. Due to financial constraints Jason was only able to engage in sessions fortnightly. It was expressed that ideally that he required sessions closer together given how he has been feeling as there was a need to create stability, however advised we would work with what we could. Jason was advised to purchase the home maintenance program to support him in between session.
By session three Jason reported feeling amazing, he couldn’t believe how he was responding to situations that would normally have an emotional impact. Jason was feeling positive with less reactivity and minimal anger or aggression.
Jason has just completed session six on the EEP and is doing really well. Thoughts and thinking have been positive, reactivity, anger and aggression minimal and moods stable eg. flatness and feelings of depression minimal also.
Jason is committed to his wellness journey and makes the time to reflect on how he is feeling, and actively puts measures in place to support his session. Self care has become Jason’s new best friend.
Jason amazed about how his brain is responding to the work and is excited to see where the rest of the program takes him.