46-year-old male experiencing depression and anxiety


Paul presented at the spa due to severe depression coupled with anxiety. Paul had been experiencing these for the last 6 years. He was destabilised with dark, intrusive thoughts and continually doubted his abilities to perform at work.

Self-confidence and esteem were at an all-time low for Paul.
His current presentations were affecting his relationships and his competencies in work.
Paul had been on antidepressants for the past six years but these did not have the effect he wanted.
Paul’s first visit showed that he was not coping well with life, resilience was low and perceptions were measured as being unhealthy.
Below is a snap shot of indicators measures.
Indicator measures from the first session:
Stress 7, Anxiety 7, Depression 8, Feeling Flat 8, Moods 7, Tension 6, Worry 8, Fatigue 7, Fear 7, Anger 9, Negative Thoughts 8, Negative Attitudes 7, Negative Thinking 8
Paul’s goals in engaging in EEP were to be happy, to enjoy life again and to shift the emotional baggage. Paul viewed the following as barriers to achieving peace, calm and goals in his life: fear of failure, not being good enough and poor self confidence.
The first session saw Paul shift his level of anxiety, stress and depression, plus he was unable to attach to problems and events that bothered him before the session.
It took Paul up to his fourth session on the program to start seeing significant difference with his indicators reduced dramatically.
Indicator measures from fourth session:
stress 7-3; anxiety 7- 2; depression 8-1; feeling flat 8-1; moods 7-4; tension 7-4, negative thinking 8-1, negative thoughts 8-1; anger 9-3; fatigue 7-3; fear 7-3, worry 8-2.
Paul reported feeling really well at this stage he felt that events and thinking were not affecting him as much as they would have normally. He was experiencing a quieter mind and not attaching to worries.
From this point onwards Paul went from strength to strength. Paul put things in place to look after his self care to assist with ongoing environmental stressors.
During the rest of the program Paul had experienced traumatic news, and although this had an impact on wellbeing Paul was able to meet the experience on a different level and have the program support him through the emotions.
At session 7 all indicators were measured at zero.
Paul reported doing really well despite it being a busy stressful time in work.
Paul has a good attitude, his moods had shifted and he reports genuinely feeling more happy than not. Paul doing really well with the program given the Recent trauma.
Three weeks later sessions were remeasured.
Paul reports doing really well. A very different person from when he first came here. Paul reports being more emotionally aware, confident, calm and no mind chatter. He has loved the program.
Indicator measures from session 1 compared to session 8:
Stress 7-0, Anxiety 7-0 Depression 4-0 Feeling Flat 8-0  Moods 7-0; Tension 7-0 Worry 8-0; Fatigue 7-0 Anger 9-0Aggression 0, Negative Thoughts 8-0, Negative Attitudes 7-0; negative Thinking 8-0
Current Mental Health: Coping well; all no’s.
Emotional well-being: Paul displaying great resilience.
Paul’s goals have been completed with no barriers in the way any longer.
Paul has had a great result with all perceptions healthy.